Apply Rouge according to the shape of your Face

Blush (the rouge) – is the final touch of your look. In order to apply the blush correctly you need to know and determine the type of face you have, then you can enhance the beauty of your face and level blemishes.

The rouge applied correctly helps to accentuate the cheekbones, refreshes the face and hides defects. But before you start practicing with blush, we offer you a little familiarity with the theory. Are you ready?

Apply Rouge according to the shape of your Face 1

1.Oval face

Women who have an oval face are very lucky – this form is classic, so it does not need special correction. Apply the blush from the lower point of the cheekbones upwards to the forehead.

2. Rectangular face

You have to apply the blush to balance the facial proportions, for this you have to apply the product in a darker shade to the type of your skin in horizontal lines (on the cheekbones and towards the ears).

3. Face with a heart shape

This face shape is characterized by a broad forehead and narrow chin, so you should soften the abrupt transition from the cheeks to the chin. Apply blush from the cheekbones and bring the brush in the direction of the ear.

4. Square face

Strong line of the jaw is the main problem for the people who have a square face. Bringing it closer to the classic oval will help to apply the blush to the apples of the cheeks.

5. Round face

Girls with a round face often have plump cheeks. Applying the blush incorrectly can emphasize this little inconvenience even more. Here the main task – is to visually stretch the face. To do this, distribute the blush of the middle cheek towards the ear.

Look closely at the face cut you have and how the blush could help you more. And now apply the Rogue and become beautiful.