What is BCAA? How BCAA’s Help The Human Body?

Women drinking BCAA Supplement

For those who are doing an exercise to increase fitness or build muscle mass, adopting a scientific diet containing BCAA is very important. BCAA’s helps reduce fatigue, enhance the health of muscle masses very effectively. So in this article, we will let you know what exactly is the BCAA?

What is BCAA?

BCAA stands for branched-chain amino acids, consisting of 3 types of BCAA branched amino acids: leucine, isoleucine, and valine. 

These 3 amino acids are closely linked together in the formation of protein molecules. Not only that, but BCAAs also play an important role when building muscle mass for the body.

In the human body, there are up to 20 different amino acids to make up different protein molecules. Among them, the body can synthesize up to 11 amino acids, the remaining 9 amino acids cannot synthesize but need a reasonable diet. Among those 9 essential amino acids, 3 are BCAA branched-chain amino acids (leucine, isoleucine, and valine).

How BCAA’s Help The Human Body?

1. Muscle Growth

BCAA’s have the ability to enhance muscle protein synthesis. Leucine stimulates the body to produce muscle protein especially effectively. People who take food with high levels of BCAA increase the rate of protein synthesis by up to 22% compared to the average person.

However, to synthesize more effectively users need to take other proteins instead of using BCAA’s alone because the body also need other essential proteins to build muscle.

2. Relieve Muscle Aches and Pains

After exercising, you will notice that the muscle mass on the body aches, especially after 1 to 2 days of exercise. This is normal because the body will prioritize burning energy from sugar and fatty acids, and then go to protein. 

Supplementing with BCAA along with daily exercise will help limit protein breakdown, thereby reducing the level of creatine kinase, which plays an important role in reducing muscle soreness.

3. Reduce Exercise Fatigue

Reducing body Fatigue depends on multiple factors such as intensity, time, environmental conditions, and physical fitness of each person. The loss of BCAAs is inevitable, which causes the BCAA in the blood to be depleted and the tryptophan level in the brain increases. 

Tryptophan increases and is converted to serotonin, a substance that contributes to increased fatigue in the body. However, you can completely improve this condition with the valine in BCAA’s, which helps to limit the rise of tryptophan.

4. Prevent Muscle Loss

Muscle protein cells are constantly being broken down and rebuilt into new protein cells. The body loses muscle when this balance is broken, in particular, the destruction is more prone to the establishment. 

BCAA supplementation is essential to prevent muscle loss. Because BCAA contains 35% essential amino acids and other essential amino acids for the body.