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Best Acoustic Insulators For Soundproofing


If you are considering soundproofing a room then you must know the different types of materials available for soundproofing. Here is a list of the best acoustic insulators available in the market:

1. Polyurethane foam

This is a sugar and petroleum compound with sound and heat insulation properties. Its high density makes it perfect for ceilings and partitions. 

Polyurethane foam is often used as a filler for the existing chambers on the building’s façade. Its only drawback is that it is highly flammable, so in the event of a fire, it would become a conductor of fire.

2. Fiberglass:

Fiberglass is not flammable and is widely used for sound insulation in homes. They also do not produce toxic fumes or gases. Its excellent conditions allow it to absorb the loudest sounds, such as airborne noise. Of course, when installing, it is important to adequately protect the eyes, nose, and skin. 

3. Cork:

Cork is an ecological material that is composed of small cells capable of absorbing noise. Also, it is a lightweight material that does not add weight to walls, ceilings, or rooms.

4. Geotextile:

Highly resistant and durable recyclable product. It works both as an acoustic and thermal insulator. Its installation is somewhat more versatile than that of fiberglass since it can be placed in an adhesive, screwed, or nailed way.

5. Asphalt sheets:

This is a very flexible material with the ability to damp and absorb loud noises. Asphalt sheets are very useful in waterproofing terraces and roofs. Its installation is relatively simple. Asphalt sheets are always in the same direction and overlapping each other. 

6. Polyester fibers:

Polyester fiber is especially suitable for low-frequency acoustic insulation. Its high porosity guarantees its great ability to neutralize noise. 

7. Melamine foams

This is a flexible and lightweight material. If finished in wedges or micro holes, it is designed to be seen. Melamine foam not only reduces noise but also improves the sound quality of the room.