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11 Best Fitness Motivation Tips That Work

Fitness Motivation

What are some of the reasons that hinder you from working out or achieving your fitness goals? You may be aware of some of these: busy schedules, low energy, excessive expectations, etc. 

Benefits of workout include:

  • Reducing the risk of contracting heart disease.
  • Regulating body weight and preventing type 2 diabetes.
  • Lowering the risk of osteoporosis.
  • Enhancing lung and muscle function. 

There are many reasons why we may not achieve a good workout. Here are the 11 best fitness motivation tips that work.

Best Fitness Motivation Tips

1. Get New Kicks

Your old jogging shoes have had their time and are probably worn out now. Old shoes can be discomforting and cause injuries. The solution is getting a new shoe that fits your feet right and one of your styles or preference. 

Besides, modern running shoes weigh 10 ounces or less; therefore, they are lightweight and convenient for carrying around.

2. Exercise Outdoor

If you are an elliptical exerciser, take a friend with you and bike for a change. Sometimes your monotonous routine may be annoying – maybe it’s time to try a group class session. 

Plateauing results and boredom lower your motivation. Overgrow your zone of comfort to strengthen your commitment to keeping fit.

3. Reward Yourself After Hard Work

How exciting could it be if you benefited in terms of cash from your exercise? A study done in One Mayo Clinic split its participants into two groups – they either received 20 dollars for achieving their set weight loss goals monthly. 

In contrast, the second group did not receive any payout. After one year, the participants in the incentivized group had lost 9.1 pounds on average.

The other group’s members lost only 2.6 pounds on average in the same duration. It suggests a strong commitment to achieving your goal when there is something to gain out of the process.

4. Expand your limits a little more

Did you finish that intense 30-minute run? Well done! Now go a little further, Sean Wells says. When you have met your initial goal or feel exhausted, add 3 to 5 minutes more. You don’t necessarily have to continue with the intense exercise. 

For example, after cycling for an hour, it is only natural to feel beat. You can descend from your bike and walk for a couple of minutes by paddling slowly.

5. Use Online Applications

In this digital world, smartphone applications simplify our lives and help us stay on track to meet our fitness goals. Sean Wells suggests applications like happily, which concentrates on activities and games based on science to create happiness.

6. Be Prepared, always

It is not a new concept as it bears results: preparation is the key to success. Meal preparation for the entire week over the weekend is essential, but that is only one part of the equation. 

The other half is getting out there and doing the hard work. A snack – protein bar and nuts – should be at the top of your gym pack, alongside 3 or 4 gym outfits.

7. Wear Your Gym Outfits Beyond the Gym

Gym outfits are lightweight and also fancy. It isn’t new to spot someone in a café or the mall in their gym outfit. It makes you ready to drop by the gym to do some exercises as you don’t have to head back home and change.

8. Take Control

It is not worth it to engage yourself in a routine you are uncomfortable with. Be free to change your schedule and create a plan you are well suited to. You will increase your exercise rate and achieve maximum gain from your routine.

9. Focus On Your Health

As much as you want to have that killer body or those muscular abs, you should focus on how your workout affects your health. A good exercise should make you feel good, both emotionally and physically.

1O. Turn Every day’s Activity into a Workout

Whether picking up a crate and placing it on a shelf or cleaning your dishes, you are continually exercising your muscles. Perhaps you took it literally or never really appreciate the things you do daily, but they all add to exercise.

11. Always Be Positive 

Research shows that thinking about pleasant memories gives you more energy while ugly memories discourage you. Think of that moment you were champion at that college race or that time you won the cross-country marathon.


Always remember that working out has several positive results. Get out there and get going.