Best TV Antennas for Cord Cutters: Tested for Real-World Signal Strength

TV Antennas for Cord Cutters

Cable and Satellite TV services are becoming expensive day-by-day. Hence subscribers are shifting from cable TV to other modes of entertainment. Cord cutters are increasing in numbers. Online streaming services, devices, Live TV, HDTV antennas, etc. are some of the best alternatives for cable TV.

Once you have determined your detailed requirements, this article would be helpful in purchasing the right type of antenna for cord-cutters.

Best Indoor TV antenna

Highline TV Antenna:

We have tested the Highline TV indoor antenna. This antenna has exceeded all our expectations when it comes to an indoor TV antenna. 

The Highline TV antenna is available in three different coverage range, 25miles, 50miles, and 150miles. Once you decide on the above-mentioned factors then it becomes easier to select the correct coverage range of indoor antennas. Highline TV antennas are easier to set up and hassle-free. 

The best part is that the Highline TV antenna is very easy on the pockets too. Select the appropriate location and then go ahead with the setup. 

Mohu Leaf Metro: 

Mohu is a well-known brand when it comes to indoor TV antennas. The Mohu leaf metro offers its viewers with strong signal reception. The antenna is also easier on the pockets. The setup of this antenna is very simple. 

Mohu Leaf Metro is a non-amplified antenna hence if you reside in locations where the signal strength is weak then you would need to get an amplifier for boosting the signal. Mohu Leaf Metro is best when it comes to affordable and sleek-looking indoor antennas.

Best Outdoor TV antenna:

ClearStream 2V HDTV antenna

Antenna’s Direct promises its consumers with a 60mile range antenna called Clearstream 2V HDTV antenna. This antenna is considered to be one of the powerful outdoor antennas which is completely hassle-free and easier in terms of installation. 

By just shelling out a few dollars you are sure to enjoy a lifetime of free local channels without any additional cost. The Clearstream antenna allows you to watch all of the local channels including the major broadcast channels as well. 

The Clearstream Outdoor antenna is considered to be larger than its other outdoor antenna counterparts. This antenna has a circular design and can be used as both indoor and outdoor antennas based on your space requirements. 

Best Usage Antenna

Clearstream Eclipse: 

The Eclipse is known to be a renowned and popular brand in the TV antennas market. Quite easier on the pockets especially for those looking out for a cheaper range antenna option. 

The Eclipse provides you with a bit of everything you are looking out in the antenna. With a simple and pleasant design, this antenna is easy in terms of installation.

The antenna package comes along with a 12feet long coaxial cable. This is a multi-directional antenna wherein it allows for flexible placement options indoors. This antenna is known to cover a range of 35miles and this model majorly focuses on picking up the UHF range of the signal.