Can You Grow Back Your Hair After Thinning?

Women Worrying About Hair Thinning

Hair loss can be seen in people differently. Its course of development, underlying reasons and types of treatment could be different. For instance, in women, menopause has a contribution to hair loss because of the decreasing estrogen level.

Estrogen is an important hormone for hair thickness and growth. There could be dozens of reasons for hair thinning so it can be hard to detect. Fortunately, there are 5 ways to grow back hair after thinning.

5 Ways To Grow Back Hair After Thinning

1) Shampoo

Shampoos for hair thinning contains necessary supplements for hair growth and helps to strengthen hair. It is one of the affordable ways to treat and prevent hair loss.

2) Stress Management

Stress and anxiety also provoke hair loss in certain ways and also has relatively long-lasting effects in our body. One of the ways of getting rid of its negative effects is exercising. Exercise can help to throw away excessive cortisol in the body.

3) Fruits

Fruits contain essential vitamins, carbohydrates, and proteins to grow our hair. They supply energy to cells. It is important to take enough portions of fruit to the body for your hair growth.

4) Scalp Massage

This way works thanks to the blood flow. If you kindly apply massage to your skin, blood flow to that area increases and it makes the cells refresh there. As American Hair Loss Association declared minoxidil treatment also works fine. Applying minoxidil to the scalp with massage helps in hair growth.

5) Vitamin B12

All vitamin deficiencies cause significant problems in our lives and most of the time we neglect to take enough amount of vitamins to our body. Apart from its cognitive importance, Vitamin B12 is a crucial ingredient for our hair. Paying attention to intake of Vitamin B12 could be preventative for hair loss and reverse the hair thinning.