Different ways to give a Rose on Valentines Day

Today we are going to tell you 7 different ways to give a rose. There are more romantic, more classic, more original, discreet, spectacular, and for each type of person there is an ideal way to give a rose. We put you 7 ideas so that it will be easy for you to propose your valentine:

1. 6/12/18 Roses

It is perhaps the most classic option and probably the most widespread. Why? Maybe because a bouquet is a very specific expression of a feeling. Because its structure and composition is visually spectacular. Because it is very practical to deliver and to show off.  Because it never goes out of fashion. What would you say is the reason? We even dare to say that because a bouquet of roses is one of the most incredible expressions of beauty that nature has given us. 

6/12/18 Roses for valentines day

2.  Rose in wooden box

Flowers especially, roses are considered in some cultures as short time jewellery, whose beauty can be infinite, but also expires. That’s why roses remind us of our deepest yearnings to seek beauty and eternity. Like the ear rings and rings the roses can also be presented in boxes that keep them, preserve them and add a point of elegance and surprise to the gift. Perhaps the most used box is wood, since it gives a more distinguished and natural appearance.

Roses in wooden box

3.  Floral heart

For the symbolic charge the most used and most received form on Valentine’s Day is the heart. But you can also make other types of designs, such as symbols, numbers or the name of the person who will receive the gift. This example is more creative and allows you to play more with the combination of other flowers or roses of other colors, incorporating greens that give a greater contrast and impact.

ValentinesDay Floral heart

4.  Special center of roses

If you want the other person and you want to show them with roses: this is your gift. If you want the whole office to die of envy of the person to whom you give it: this is your gift. If you want to have a vivid memory of your feelings every time when your valentine get home: this is your gift. A beautiful bouquet of roses and greens that does not go unnoticed and that fits well in any space.

Special center of roses

5. Roses with accessories

The rose is also a perfect companion for any other gift that we want to make. A sweater, a trip, a bracelet are best gifts when delivered with a rose. Why? Because roses add an immaterial and emotional message that complements perfectly any other material and practical gift that we want to give. It is the way to express the feeling that has moved us to make that gift, it is detail, but full of meaning.

Roses with accessories

6. An individual rose

The simplest way is proposing with an individual rose. Because you can give a single rose in many ways: wrapped in paper, next to a spike, which is a symbol of fertility, with a gift box. As you can see, the rose is a very versatile flower that allows you to make different gift combinations and each one is different and special. As always, the most important thing is to have imagination to find the moment and the way to propose, the rest is always good.

An individual rose

7.  What if you do not want to give roses?

Do not worry because there are other options that are equally valid for Valentine’s Day. One of the flowers that also has many meanings are orchids. It is a flower that also has many chromatic varieties that appeal to different feelings. You also have many options, you can gift orchids in a box, box with orchid plant.

orchids bouquet for valentines day

If you have liked any of these ideas to give a rose, then comment below, or if you have any new ideas, Let us know in the comment section.