Eminem's daughter Hailie

The young Eminem’s daughter is already an instagram star where she already has more than 1.4 million followers.

There are those who believe that being the son or daughter of a celebrity is guaranteed success. Some are lucky that this is the case, however, there are others who, in order to break down this prejudice, strive twice to be recognized for their achievements and talents rather than for being “the son or daughter of”.

This is the case of Hailie Scott, although she is the daughter of rapper Eminem, has managed to forge a career as a recognized influencer and has become one of the most followed influencer on Instagram, a social network where she already has more than 1.4 million followers.

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No, Hailei Scott is not rapping. In fact, her professional activity has nothing to do with music, something that could perfectly have inherited from her father but, in this case, has not been like that.

Hailei Scott stands out in two fundamental fields: fashion and fitness. The only descendant of Eminem is an influencer who dazzles with the photos she publishes wearing models of clothes as if she were posing for the catalog of a brand.

Cardi B usually gives her an infinity of “I like you” every time Hailie uploads a photograph.

With just turned 23, Eminem’s daughter graduated in Psychology from Michigan State University.

She is more interested in sports, as she uploaded many pictures on the social network.

Apparently, she also likes food and visiting different restaurants; sample of it are the numerous photos that goes up on the dishes that she is going to try.  

The story of their parents

Kimberly ‘Kim’ Anne Scott, Hailie’s mother,   met Eminem while they were still in high school. After Kim and his twin sister, Dawn, fled their home in 1987, the singer persuaded his mother to allow them to stay at home. 

Soon the relationship between Kim and Eminem Started. Hailie scott was born on December 25, 1995 in Detroit, Michigan, United States. 

Four years later, in 1999, her parents were married, only to petition for a divorce in 2001. Eminem and Kim remarried in January 2006, but returned to seek divorce in April of that year.

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go on, i’m listening

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