Fashion tricks to look taller 5

Hello Girls, Many of you have dreamed of having long and thin legs? Except those girls who already have them. For the rest, you can use simple fashion tricks that will help you look taller and have longer legs, to get an attractive visual look.

1.Body colored shoes with heels.

One of the simplest tips – choose shoes or sandals that match the color tone of your skin. That will help you to look visually attractive with prolongation of your legs adding the missing centimeters.

This type of shoe is recommended to wear without stockings with a skirt, or dress, or shorts.

Fashion tricks to look taller
Fashion tricks to look taller 1

2. High waist skirts and pants.

Pants and skirts with high waist models are designed to create the illusion that the legs begin a few centimeters higher than it really is (from the waist). So we can only rejoice that these models are now in great esteem by fashion designers and style icons.

Fashion tricks to look taller 7
Fashion tricks to look taller 3

3. Asymmetrical designs.

These models of asymmetrical skirts and dresses will play in your favor in the fight for the precious centimeters. The key point – is to take into account that the asymmetric elements are made vertically or diagonally; as for example – a zipper, cuts in blocks of different fabrics, transparent material, etc., 

Fashion tricks to look taller 8
Fashion tricks to look taller 4

4. Vertical stripes.

This trick is as old as the world and, nevertheless, we should not neglect it. The vertical lines really make the legs look longer and thinner. The most effective is when the lines are not very narrow and have the maximum contrast (such as black and white, for example).

Fashion tricks to look taller 2
Fashion tricks to look taller 6

5. Wide pants + shoes with heels.

An excellent investment this season would be to acquire wide pants. It is important to consider two things: first – pants of this type must be worn along with high-heeled shoes. And secondly – the pants have to be long, practically covering the heel. By doing this your legs will seem endless.