How To Alkalize Your Body: 4 Steps To Follow

Women eating Nutritious Diet

Acidity is measured with the blood on a scale between 0 and 14. Our body works correctly when it is optimal in its natural state, that is, slightly alkaline: a pH above 7. So it can protect us from diseases since it is strong against viruses and bacteria.

When this level becomes unbalanced, the body “steals” missing nutrients from organs to make up for this difference: an acidic body, on the other hand, is much more prone to getting sick. 

So how can you maintain an alkaline body? How to balance your body and take care of your blood? In this article We will explain the four fundamental steps to Alkalize and give strength to your body.

1. Nutritious Diet

You already know the saying “we are what we eat”. So, eat less acidic foods and also eat more foods rich in calcium, magnesium and potassium. With this your blood will get more minerals to alkalize and balance your pH.

Acid Foods: Coffee, Alcohol, Soft drinks, Sugars, Packed juices, Chocolate, rice and red meat.

Alkaline Foods: Potatoes, Watermelon, Cucumber, Sprouts, Spinach, Lemon, Avocado, Garlic, Green tea, Ginger and Almonds.

2. Physical Exercise

Sports practice! A lazy body always tends to function more slowly. If you keep moving you can activate your metabolism and eliminate toxins.

3. Drinking More Water

The toxins in the body also make us acidic when our body does not drain well. That is why it is essential to purify these toxins internally through hydration. Drinking more water is one of the best way to purify these toxins.

Eating Vegetables that are rich in chlorophyll is a good idea, such as chard and arugula, also function as toxin removals.

4. Emotional Balance

A healthy mind is a healthy body, a healthy emotional state will help you achieve an alkaline body. According to the WHO, a healthy body is a combination of physical, mental and social activities. The stress caused by some tensions can leave residues in your body.