Maximize Brand Exposure with these Branded Apparel Options

Branded Apparel

There are various ways to give your logo legs with branded apparel and strengthen brand culture. Here are just a few options to give you an idea of what some of the promotional possibilities are:

1. Custom T-shirts

Custom T-shirts are one of the most popular promotional items out there. Virtually every major brand has a custom T-shirt design of their own for a simple reason: customers love them.

Comfortable and stylish, custom tees are globally recognized as a staple of business brand culture. In addition, they serve as a decent-sized canvas for logo designs. Consider using your T-shirts to share bits of wisdom from your brand vision.

2. Custom Embroidery

If you’re looking for another level of sophistication and class, custom embroidery is a great option. Virtually any type of garment or hat can be decorated with your logo or a teammate’s personalized design in a way that is sure to make your customization “pop.”

Your embroidered designs can even extend beyond wearables, into items like towels, duffel bags, and totes. Keep in mind that more complex designs, such as those that use shading, may not be best suited for embroidery.

Women wearing Custom Embroidery Cap

3. Hoodies, Polos and Custom Jackets

Hoodies, polos, and custom jackets are also great options for branded designs. Businesses that use a variety of custom apparel options earn valuable repeat impressions which drive brand loyalty.

Business culture is built on impression at a time, among prospective customers and employees alike.