Rules for Happiness and Success 5

1. Make peace with your past.

 Your past can not ruin your present. The past does not determine your future. Your future is created with your beliefs and actions.

2. What others think – it’s not your problem. Only what is important for you and what you think has value.

Rules for Happiness and Success 1

3. Time heals almost everything. 

The pain decreases. Our scars make us what we are, explain our lives and why we have become as we are. Our goal – to be strong.

Rules for Happiness and Success 2

4. No one can be the cause of your happiness, except yourself. Do not waste time and effort in seeking the pleasures. Rejoice in what is around you.

5. Do not compare your life with others. 

You have no idea what your path is like. If we leave our problems aside and look at others, our life will seem more beautiful.

Rules for Happiness and Success 3

6. Do not think too much. 

You do not have all the answers. The answer is not there and there will never be. Here is the answer. You just have to accept and move on.

7. Smile. 

The smile is able to illuminate the cloudy day and make your life shine a little more. A smile can change many things.

Rules for Happiness and Success 4