How to Sell a Car in Dubai


To sell any car in Dubai is indeed a very hectic process. For this, we have to go about everything according to a system, including completing the sale through the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA).

However, be prepared for all this in advance to avoid a lot of problems that would require a number of visits to the RTA.

Pay off Outstanding Fines and Loans

Clearing any outstanding fines can be done easily at the time of the transfer. But in case you have a pending loan on your car, do it before you visit the RTA. Banks take a few working days to electronically file loan clearance with the RTA.

Choose a Time and RTA location

It is always advisable to choose such a location which has less crowd. The Al Barsha location of the RTA is a good option as it is open around the clock and has numerous counters.

Dubai Visa

The buyer has to bring their Dubai visa with them in order to prove that they are a resident of Dubai. And in case they don’t have that visa then he/she has to bring an Ejari contract to prove their residency.

And in the worst-case scenario, if the buyer does not even have an Ejari contract, then the car has to be registered in the Emirates.

Car Inspection

It’s better to inspect your car before the transfer of ownership in which your car has to pass an RTA inspection. It is good to replace the faulty brakes or worn-out tires before the RTA inspection. This way there will be more chances to pass the RTA inspection.

Take Your Complete Documents

Another important tip to be remembered is that before paying a visit to the RTA, the buyer and the seller should see to it that they are taking along all the documents that will be needed there.

Salik Tag

Before selling the car it is important that the seller takes off the Salik tags. New Salik tags will be issued to the buyer at the RTA. Before using the Salik tags, know everything about Salik tags in the UAE.

License Plate Number

If due to any reason the seller wants to keep the license plate number he/she can do it by submitting them to the RTA during the transfer.

The RTA will keep the number plate and the seller can get the same for their car registration in the future. The RTA will also issue a new license plate to the buyer.