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Every woman wants to look like a queen whether at work or at home. Corrector for the face helps to hide the small imperfections of the skin, giving it freshness and luminosity. Cosmetic care and good nutrition help restore the natural beauty of the skin, but this takes time. While a concealer makes your skin look perfect in a matter of minutes. 

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There are many variety of correctors, so today we will see how to use the concealer for the face with its palette of different colors. Each of the colors helps us to solve different skin problems.

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The shades of the color palette are usually the following: lilac, blue, orange, peach, yellow, pink, bronze, white and green.

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For example, natural color – is the universal color. The yellow color is ideal to neutralize purple tones of the skin, old marks and correct dark circles. The green – is used to hide redness, visible capillaries on the skin or even inflamed granites. The color lilac – is suitable to disguise brown spots and freckles. And the pink – gives life to the dull and gray skin.

How to apply color corrector? It is preferable to apply it with the help of a flat brush, made of synthetic fibers. Sometimes it is more convenient to apply the concealer to the face, with your fingers. For example, in the area under the eyes, where the softness is very important and not stretch the skin.

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As we have said before, there are many corrector for different occasions.

So to hide dark circles you should use the yellow concealer and then the natural color, tapping gently with the ring finger pads.

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If in the early morning you woke up with swelling under the eyes then corrector of light colors can help you. But in this case you cannot apply it on the problematic zone, but only around and on the cheeks.

Broken capillaries and red spots – our problem will disappear under a layer with green concealer.

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Dark spots, freckles and bruises – the best effect can be achieved with a pink or purple corrector.

The dull and gray skin – you can help bring it to life with pink concealer or peach tones.

Color Correcting concealers 5

Scars, tattoos – in this case it is necessary to apply the makeup base or a concealer with a more compact texture and strong pigmentation for greater coverage. If the scar is convex, you can cover it with a darker shade; and if it is concave – you can use the lighter corrector tones, in order to achieve visual balance.

With the help of special cosmetics you can hide all the defects of your skin and always look beautiful.

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