4 Ways To Maintain The Correct Body Temperature

Checking Body Temperature

Maintaining the correct heat is essential for many of your body’s functions to perform correctly, including allowing enzymes to create chemical reactions.

High temperatures can cause dehydration, heat stroke and even death if left unresolved. Experts suggest the body’s optimum temperature should be maintained at 37 degrees, so staying cool is essential. 

Here are four ways you can maintain the correct body temperature – either by cooling your environment or applying materials closer to your body:

1. Buy An Evaporative Vest Or Jacket

Formula One drivers use evaporative cooling vests to keep cool while out on the track in hotter climates. However, the technology is now also available in some specific jackets and vests for everyday use. 

The clothing works by slowly evaporating water contained in an outer membrane with a waterproof layer underneath. As air passes over the outer layer, the water gradually evaporates, dropping the temperature of the inner layer, which serves to keep you both cool and dry.

It’s worth noting, the chilling effects are most potent when there’s adequate air circulation around the vest, but evaporative tech can be a highly effective, personal way to stay cool.

2. Try Wearing Evaporative Wristpads

Like evaporative vests, these small wristpads are soaked with water, slowly releasing their lower temperatures through the day via an internal membrane.

As your wrists contain a primary artery, the drop in temperature also reduces the temperature of your blood as it pumps around your body, giving a form of internal cooling effect.

If you’re in any doubt, try running your wrist under the cold tap to see how much difference it can make to your internal body temperature.

3. Install A Fan

While fans might not be quite as cutting-edge tech as evaporative devices, their cooling effects have been known for centuries, and the technology is unlikely to disappear any time soon. 

Small fans work well positioned on a desk or other furniture to cool the air immediately around you. For larger rooms or offices, consider installing an industrial extractor fan, which will help regulate the temperature of the entire room, keeping both you and your family or colleagues cool.

Modern fan systems are simple to install and can be highly economical to run to keep you cool throughout the whole day. They can also help expel unwanted smells or odours from your rooms. 

4. Wear A Fan Jacket

They might sound like something directly out of a science fiction movie, but fan jackets are genuine and available to buy now. The jackets look like regular coat but contain a small cooling fan in the back, which pumps cold air around the body.

Although it feels pretty bizarre and slightly counter-intuitive, keeping the jacket zipped closed will make you colder. A small, rechargeable battery powers the internal fan.

Final Thoughts:

Staying cool isn’t just important during the day. To sleep well, our bodies need to maintain the correct temperature through the night too.

Recent research suggests that even dropping the ambient temperature by a single degree can help you get to sleep quicker, rest more consistently with less stirring and even bring a longer night’s sleep.