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Why Hire Professionals For Office Reinstatement Project?

Professionals For Office Reinstatement

Is your lease coming to your end or moving to a bigger office space? You have to mind about the landlord reinstatement clause in the lease agreement. This clause requires returning the lease space to its original state before handing backspace to the landlord.

One of the most significant tasks during a reinstatement project is office furniture dismantling. This allows removing old furniture for disposal and making it ready for moving to the new location.

Other tasks might include:

  • Removing workstations
  • Removing the flooring
  • Relocating office furniture
  • Paint and restoration work
  • Disposal of unwanted clutter
  • Demolishing structural features
  • Repair of  faulty doors, windows, walls, and power switches
  • Disconnecting telecommunication, electrical, and computer installation
  • Removing security systems, water sprinklers, AC units, and fire systems
  • Removal of  temporary fixtures like signage, windows, lighting, and curtains,

Why hire professionals for a reinstatement project?

Regardless of your requirements, only a professional space reinstatement expert understands the best way to handle the tasks involved.

You will have peace of mind that a team of professionals handles your office dismantling without worry about causing damage to the original structure. This will save you from costs to restore these as well.

Moving to a new workspace

Property owners know what it takes to reinstate their spaces after a tenant had moved out. There is a likelihood to leave a lot of modifications and repairs. Therefore, having a reinstatement clause in the lease agreement mitigates this risk.

The tenant has to ensure that space looks like how you found it before moving in. Therefore, when planning to move to another office space, you will have a lot to handle.

Apart from the tasks highlighted above, the reinstatement experts also do carpet removal, dismantling tiles, removing partitions, and painting before handing the space back to the landlord.

Importance of the reinstatement clause

This clause requires a tenant to restore the leased premises to the original condition before handing it back to the landlord. For massive or small building projects, you will have to pay for any problems or delays that might arise during reinstatement.

This is why hiring experts to handle the project is the best thing to do. These have the expertise and experience to do a great job. The reinstatement helps to make the premises ready before the new tenant moves it. It saves the landlord from repair and dismantling costs.

Handling property demolitions

This might involve tearing down a part of the premises you put up to modify the property to suit your needs. You need to have this removed to restore the space to its original look.

To avoid causing damage, hiring professionals is highly recommended. These have the appropriate manpower and equipment to pull down the structures in the best way possible while minimizing damage.


Regardless of your reasons for moving, it is important to fulfill the reinstatement clause in the lease agreements. Since you are bound to be involved in various tasks, hiring a reinstatement agency is a good idea. You will focus on other tasks as the reinstatement project is handled with appropriate knowledge and equipment.

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