How AI Can Help You Sleep Better?

Sleep Better

Sleep is an essential part of our life that helps in staying mentally and physically healthy. Unfortunately, all of us are not naturally blessed with better sleep.

A lot of people among us will agree that they are not able to get an adequate amount of good quality sleep daily.

There can be various reasons for not being able to get good quality sleep daily like, the stress level is high, anxiety, poor sleep environment, poor sleeping habits, underlying health issues, etc.

People who suffer from poor sleep may also suffer from a decrease in work productivity, increase mortality, and poorer quality of life.

With the advances in technology, we can have Artificial Intelligence (AI) help us sleep better and improve the quality of our sleep.

Here are some of the AI technologies that can help you sleep better.

1. Diagnosis and Treatment of Sleep disorders

Artificial Intelligence is helping in increasing the efficiency of the existing health system for early detection and treatment of sleep disorders and other diseases that may be impacting your quality of sleep.

Sleep centres have been collecting huge amounts of data that enables AI to improve sleep care. These advanced technologies have the potential to perform more accurate diagnoses and help in the treatment of sleep disorders.

Sleep technology companies are building AI tools that help in automating sleep study scoring and extract new information from collected sleep data rather than sleep technicians doing it manually.

Sleep technicians could derive more meaningful information from sleep studies like the apnea-hypopnea index using AI.

Artificial Intelligence may also help to understand mechanisms underlying obstructive sleep apnea so that the right treatment is given to the patient.

Some AI-based systems can also help in the detection of sleep apnoea, snoring, and grinding of teeth by analysing the sound samples.

2. Improvement in Sleep Environment

For having a better-quality sleep, it is a must that your sleep environment is relaxing and is an aid to get a good quality sleep. It includes lighting, room temperature, sound, and above all your mattress.

If your mattress is not able to provide you all the comfort required then you are bound to suffer from frequent disruptions in your sleep, a restless night, and wake up with body aches in the morning.

AI is helping the mattress industry to come out with advanced smart mattresses. A smart mattress has internal sensors that help them to learn from measured data and helps in improving your sleep by adjusting its temperature, body support, and surrounding light in real-time.

The AI-based mattress collects data about your sleep positions and patterns and adapts to your body shape, adjusts the height and firmness in real-time.

An AI-based smart mattress allows a human body to lower the temperature by lowering its temperature when it is required for uninterrupted sleep. The mattress uses artificial intelligence and real-time biometric data to determine the optimal temperature at any time.

A smart mattress can work with an AI-based sleep guide app that delivers insights to your sleep habits and recommends improvements based on your sleep history.

AI-based apps in your mobile phone use its microphone in detecting the unwanted noise and then help in generating white noise that will mask unwanted noise by picking the right soothing sound and playing it.

3. Sleep Trackers

Sleep tracking is becoming popular day by day as it has many benefits. AI-based Sleep trackers help you in monitoring the amount of time you sleep each night, quality of your sleep.

The quality of your sleep environment and even your sleep-related health metrics and some can even make you aware of potential sleep disorders like snoring and sleep apnoea.

Some of the AI-based sleep trackers can make personalized recommendations for better sleep based on the information it has gathered over a while by tracking the quality of your sleep.

4. Monitor Your Kid’s Sleep

For newly become parents’ doctors suggest maintaining a diary or use mobile phone Apps to log sleep details of their new-borns that can help their pediatricians in recommending improvements, adjustments required for bedtime, feeding time, etc.

With the help of an AI-based system, now we can have infant swaddle fit with motion sensors and HD camera-equipped baby monitors to automatically track a child’s sleep and provide parents with recommendations on how to improve kid’s sleep.


You should take the help of advanced AI technology-based systems to help you sleep. A good quality sleep daily goes a long way in making you mentally and physically healthy.

These AI-based tools and gadgets will help you sleep better and start living a relaxed, productive, and comfortable life.

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