Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water

Lemon Water

Lemons contain a large amount of vitamin C, potassium and other vitamins and minerals.

Drinking lemon water can improve healing and helps in the functioning of the immune system; and a great antioxidant capacity helps neutralize carcinogenic substances such as nitrosamines.

The benefits of drinking lemon water do not end there, several studies have shown that people with a high intake of vitamin C have a lower risk of chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, cataracts or neurodegenerative diseases.

In addition, lemonade is a good source of soluble fiber such as pectin, which helps in reducing cholesterol and glucose in the blood, and the development of the intestinal flora.    

Therefore, squeezing half a lemon in a glass of water is a simple gesture that can become a more than healthy habit and although the acid in lemon can theoretically deteriorate the enamel of the teeth.

Below mentioned are some reasons why including homemade lemon among daily routines is important.

Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water

1. An add-on in weight loss    

Lemon water does not lose weight We are made of routines. Consider the impact of replacing your morning coffee with lemonade.

Not just once but maybe up to 20 times a month and multiply this by 10 years. Your waist circumference will thank you.

2. Provides a healthy dose of vitamin C   

Squeeze half a lemon into your water. In this way, you add just 6 calories and get more than one sixth of the daily amount of vitamin C we need to protect ourselves from cell damage and injuries.   

3. Avoid oxidation   

Lemons contain phytonutrients or substances that protect the body from disease. These phytonutrients have powerful antioxidant properties, which prevent oxidation or protect us from aging from the inside.

4. Provides an added potassium   

Without potassium, your body could not function properly. It is necessary for muscular nerve communication and carries nutrients and wastes.

5. Helps prevent kidney stones   

Lemonade helps prevent these painful kidney stones in those who are deficient in urinary citrate, a form of citric acid.

Also, and most importantly, increased fluid intake helps prevent dehydration, a common cause of kidney stones.

6. Helps Digestion 

The flavonoids contained in the lemon help the assimilation of food, improving the digestion process. 

Taken hot, it brings even greater benefits. With age this is even more beneficial, as the amount of acid tends to decrease. 

To further enhance the benefits, add grated bark, which is rich in pectin, a fiber also present in the pulp and peel, which has the property of regulating intestinal function.

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