7 Best Award-Winning Documentaries on Tigers 

On International Tiger Day, immerse yourself in the exploration of tiger life by watching seven documentaries on tigers.  

These films delve into the secrets of tiger territories, family dynamics, and the challenges they face from rivals in the jungle.  

Crafted with meticulous research and breathtaking visuals, these top-rated documentaries provide a unique opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of these majestic creatures. 

International Tiger Day is observed annually on July 29, a commemoration established in 2010 during the International Tiger Conservation Forum held in St Petersburg, Russia.  

The primary objective of this day is to tackle the concerning decline in the global tiger population. According to worldwildlife.org, the current estimated worldwide tiger population is a mere 3,900. 

This day serves as a reminder of the urgent need for conservation efforts to protect and preserve these iconic and endangered species.

Best Award-Winning Documentaries on Tigers  

7. Counting Tigers: 

Counting Tigers directed by Upma Bhatnagar of the award-winning company Optimum Television and narrated by actor Joanna Lumley, is a survival special documentary available on Disney+ Hotstar Premium.  

The film focuses on monitoring the tiger population in India and its global impact.  

It showcases India’s first comprehensive scientific tiger count, shedding light on the challenges these majestic creatures face, particularly due to human activities such as excessive poaching.  

The documentary serves as a powerful exploration of the delicate balance between humans and the survival of tigers in the world. 

6. Man Eating Tigers of The Sundarbans:

Ingrid Kvale, an award-winning TV producer and director, leads the documentary “Man-Eating Tigers of the Sundarbans.”  

Filmed in the Bangladesh Sundarbans, home to around 400 Bengal tigers the world’s highest concentration it highlights the danger these tigers pose, causing up to 50 human deaths annually.  

To protect nearby villagers, confining these tigers to the reserve is crucial. Narrated by Sanjiv Bhaskar, the film explores the intricate dynamics between humans and tigers, addressing environmental challenges, habitat loss, and human-tiger conflicts.  

It advocates for increased awareness, emphasizing the need for conservation efforts and sustainable cohabitation in regions like the Sundarbans. 

5. Dynasties: 

Dynasties is an interesting documentary series on BBC narrated by Sir David Attenborough.  

It talks about the challenges that animal families like lions, chimpanzees, emperor penguins, tigers, and painted wolves face in keeping their family stories alive.  

The series shows the tough and happy times these families go through as they try to pass on their stories in the wild.  

This well-praised show, which won a BAFTA and other awards, focuses on five endangered animals – tigers, lions, chimpanzees, penguins, and wolves.  

David Attenborough narrates the film, sharing exciting stories of these animals as they face challenges from rivals and nature to survive.  

You can watch it on BBC Earth, and it gives us a deep look into the lives of these amazing animals. 

4. Tiger: Spy In The Jungle: 

In 2008, a TV series showcased the lives of four tiger cubs, filmed over two years with elephants and hidden cameras.  

Narrated by David Attenborough, the film captures the cubs’ playful days to young adulthood.  

British producer John Downer, an Emmy winner, directed this captivating documentary. Watch it on Sony Liv to immerse yourself in the enchanting journey of these tiger cubs. 

3.Clash Of Tigers: 

Imagine watching a special movie on National Geographic created by India’s best wildlife filmmaker, Subbiah Nallamuthu.  

The film tells the exciting story of two sisters who are part of a family of Royal Bengal Tigers in Ranthambore National Park.  

These sisters, who are descendants of a famous queen tiger, are in a big fight to become the leader.  

Their main goal is to take over from their current mother leader and also beat each other to become the most powerful.  

You can enjoy this interesting and captivating story on Disney+ Hotstar Premium. 

2. Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness: 

Nominated for multiple awards, “Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness” is a crime documentary on Netflix since March 2020.  

It quickly surpassed Stranger Things in just 10 days, attracting 34 million U.S. viewers. Focused on Joe Exotic, a businessman with a controversial past, the film explores his life at the Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park in Oklahoma.  

Directed by Rebecca Chaiklin and Eric Goode, it sheds light on big cat conservation. 

The story involves Carole Baskin, owner of Big Cat Rescue, accusing Exotic of animal abuse, leading to a legal battle.  

Exotic’s legal troubles escalate when he’s charged with attempting to hire a hitman to kill Baskin, resulting in a 22-year imprisonment. Discover the gripping narrative on Netflix. 

1. The World’s Most Famous Tiger: 

The World’s Most Famous Tiger,” honored at the 66th National Film Awards, tells a captivating tale about Machli, a renowned tigress, and her three cubs Unis, Satra, and Athara.  

As the cubs grow, they venture out on their own, but one eyes Machli’s cherished territory, leading to potential conflicts. 

Directed by Subbiah Nallamuthu, an acclaimed wildlife filmmaker, the documentary explores the lives of Indian tigers, creating anticipation among viewers curious about the drama between a daughter and her mother.  

Watch it on Disney+ Hotstar Premium for a visually stunning journey into the world of these remarkable tigers. 

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