Top 10 Best Footwear Brands In The UK

Best Footwear Brands

Footwear is one of the most essential and necessary parts of our life and we always like to buy the best quality ones every time. When it comes to footwear brands the names are many and nearly can’t be listed in this article.

Only a few of those brands are considered good and we have included the top 10 best footwear brands in the UK.

Best Footwear Brands In The UK

1. Crockett and Jones

It is one of the oldest footwear brands in the UK and still the top footwear brand in the UK. Crockett and Jones offer the best quality of footwear. Durability, comfort, and quality are the main mottos of the brand.

2. New Balance

If you are looking only for quality sneakers then, New Balance is for you. Founded in 1982 and in a couple of years it made its name in the market with its great quality products.

3. Cody & Co

Cody & Co is one of the most famous footwear brands in the UK. It offers the best quality shoes and other footwear items for men. The designs will make you exclaim wow. Cody & Co uses high-quality and authentic material to make shoes and that’s why people love to buy Cody & Co products.

4. Billy Tannery

Bill Tannery does something exceptional and makes uses goat leather for their footwear. Due to this, the textures of their shoes are exceptionally different and look exclusively unique. They get the goat leather and create fabulous footwear from scrap.

5. Crown Northampton

Crown Northampton is one of the best footwear brands in the UK since 1908 and with time they have marked their presence all over the world.

6. Deeasjer

Deeasjer is one of the best UK footwear brands that manufacture high-quality footwear for women. It is famous for its hallmark design footwear with a feathery texture. The luxury Deeasjer handmade shoes are made to match every woman’s personality.

7. Dr. Martens

Founded in 1960, Dr. Martens is well known for its unique and original crafting techniques. Dr. Martens offers the best quality handcrafted products that are manufactured in the Wollaston factory. Dr. Martens kept alive the tradition of handmade footwear and that makes a lot of difference.

8. Celtic & Co

Celtic and Co is one of the biggest fashion brands in the UK and offers a huge range of fashion products including homecare, footwear, luggage, and clothing. When it comes to footwear, Celtic and Co is the right place for great quality shoes. Celtic and Co is well known for its knitted mules and they are for men, women, and kids.

9. Edward Green

Most of the UK’s footwear brands offer handmade products and Edward Green is no exception. Edward Green has only 60 skilled craftsmen and only manufactures 350 pairs of handmade shoes every week. Because of the quality of the shoes, they still have huge demand in the UK and many European countries.

10. Church

Church always makes its place on the list of best footwear brands in the UK. Established in 1873 and Church still manufactures its shoes at their old and iconic Northampton factory.

The church is also one of the first brands to come with handmade footwear. The Church shoes are beyond aesthetic and durable and when it comes to quality there is no match.

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