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Does A Career In Interior Designing Suit You?

Working Interior Designers

Interior designing is a field that is not only for creative people but also for the ones that can face challenges on a daily basis.

That fact that you have to create something different every day and no project can look the same; you need to possess excellent creative skills.

A degree in interior designing can open up so many doors for you! So if you are creative and have the ability to work under pressure and also possess management skills, well you will make a great interior designer!

Does A Career In Interior Designing Suit You:

Do You Need A Degree To Become An Interior Designer?

Yes, you need a degree and also have to sit for an exam after you have completed your degree course to become industry certified interior designer.

There are many fashion and interior design colleges that offer graduation courses to the aspirants, irrespective of their streams in higher secondary.

The advanced degree programs provide you with knowledge in a specific field, which helps you create your own niche and become an expert in that like, for example, fine arts or corporate designs.

If you do not want to do a full-time graduation course or want a change in your career, you can do certificate programs for interior designing and a CAD course to become an interior designer.

What After Degree

After you graduate with a degree in interior designing, do not expect to find work in a big interior designing firm or expect to work with bigwigs.

This field demands patience and hard work, you need to establish yourself first and make a name in the field, and slowly grow a clientele. The interior designing field is highly competitive.

Thousands of design graduates are looking for work and gradually building up their resume.

After graduation, first, get industry certified and then start volunteering in projects or become an intern in a big interior designing company.

Volunteering and designing projects for free will help get the word out that there is a new talented interior designer in town!

This will also help you in networking and networking plays a significant role in the designing field. Interning will provide you with the experience, and you will be able to polish your skills and learn people skills.

You need to develop people skills because, in your profession, you have to communicate with various clients to understand what they want from you. 

Understand Your Role As An Interior Designer Before you take the leap, first understand your roles and duties as an interior designer.

You will be expected to do the following

Input your ideas but work around your plan to suit the needs of your clients. Remember you are working for your client; you will have to create something which would comply with your client’s vision.

Your client’s vision may not be as clear as you, and it should not be anyways because you are the designer, here. You need to understand your client’s ideas and what he wants from you clearly before you start working on the project. 

Expect to create numerous designs and plans until it gets approved by your client. That means many sleepless nights as you work away to meet the deadline and hear the word ‘Yes’. 

As an interior designer, you need to have people skills and excellent communication skills to transfer the ideas of your clients clearly to your team, to avoid confusion. Also, you need to be a leader as well as a team player at the same time.

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You will not be working alone

You will have to work in a team if you work for an interior designing company or you will have to have your own team if you work independently.

So you need to communicate with people from various fields like electricians, plumbers, engineers etc. 

One of your many responsibilities as an interior designer is to make sure that the project gets completed on time and within the given budget.

You will not have a happy client on your hand if you fail to deliver within the deadline. The admissions to the interior designing schools are open now; you should go apply!

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