Top 5 Causes and Solutions for Female Infertility

Female Infertility

Fertility is one thing that millions of couples around the globe fail to achieve despite all possible treatments and suffer through together for the rest of their lives. But, this wasn’t so in our paternal and maternal generation.

During their times, getting pregnant and carrying a pregnancy was not that complicated. Very few cases were reported of infertility and TFR (Total Fertility Rate) was quite high.

However, when observed the data of the last few decades, the course of modernization severely cut down the number of children per woman to half. For some, it became a matter of choice, and the rest accepted it as their fate.

Experts deeply feel that despite all the emotional and physical traumas of not bearing a child, not many have tried to find the reason for why is it happening to them.

And, if someone has, there is not much that they have done about it really. We agree that the causes of female infertility are difficult to diagnose, but considering the fact that there is great technology and medication nowadays, things should turn around for the better.

But to reach the right solution, you need to know the actual causes. Here are the most common ones –

  1. Hormonal Issues: Your usual hormone changes may not be favoring the release of an egg from the ovary and thickening of the lining of the uterus.
  2. Fallopian Tubes Damage: If the structures that carry eggs from the ovaries to the uterus are in a bad state, the egg cannot meet the sperm and reach the fertilization state.
  3. Irregular Menstrual Cycle: A regular menstrual cycle occurs every 21 to 35 days, and if a woman is having intervals greater than that, she is not ovulating an egg.
  4. Uterine Fibroids: Though these are noncancerous growths inside the uterus, they contribute to infertility. They can change the shape of the uterus and also block the fallopian tubes.
  5. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome: It is when fluid-filled sacs or cysts develop within the ovaries hindering the pregnancyBoth genetic and environmental factors are responsible for this.

Ways to Prevent Female Fertility

Well, there are a few lifestyle habits you immediately need to give up on. You have to avoid excessive smoking, alcoholic drinks, caffeine, and taking too much stress.

Regular workout and yoga is something you can start with. That would help you keep a check on your weight and maintain good health overall.

Other than that, you can take fertility medications to induce egg development and ovulation. Your compounding pharmacy can develop a personalized treatment plan to meets your specific requirements and improve your chances of conception.

There is also an IVF process in which injections stimulated eggs are collected and then fertilized by sperm outside the body, in a lab. Whatever way you choose, we wish the best for you.

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