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4 Eyewear Models That Capture the Office Siren Trend

It’s 2024, and it looks like geek is the new chic. Celebrities like Bella Hadid, Doja Cat, and Selena Gomez are ushering in a new fashion trend inspired by return-to-work culture: the office siren

Characterized by a neutral-colored palette, form-fitting silhouettes (think corporate-appropriate pencil skirts and button-downs), pointed heels, and red lipstick, it shot to fame primarily because of one accessory: the razor-thin Bayonetta glasses.

Named after the titular video game character who wears a pair, these sensible, rectangular-shaped glasses are the epitome of ‘90s workwear. Gen Z fashionistas have embraced them as a key element of the “librariancore” aesthetic.

While taking cues from Gisele Bündchen’s eyewear in The Devil Wears Prada may not have been on anyone’s bingo card this year, this trend is a natural development.

Workwear has become increasingly casual for years as the line blurred between work and home. Now, people are searching for structure in life and their wardrobe.

While we may be harkening back to the nineties and early aughts fashion-wise, there’s been a notable cultural shift in how glasses are perceived.

In a significantly more myopic world, glasses aren’t a stamp of uncool—they’ve become a necessity, and they’re the perfect way to show you mean business. But you don’t need a prescription to try the office siren look for size.

Here are a few eyewear models to help you channel the trend.

1. Classic rectangular frames

Versatility is the name of the game. It’s about looks that can go from dress code-compliant to weekend-warrior, especially with eyewear, which most people wear all day. To nail the trend’s classic vibe, a pair of rectangular eyeglasses provide timeless looks for men and women.

A lightweight frame material takes this trend from fashionable to functional, as seen in the Ray-Ban RB7017. With a matte finish and black temples, these glasses follow the aesthetic to a tee. Consider a well-fitted cardigan and pencil skirt to complete the look.

2. Browline vintage chic

For those who want to hop on the trend but want to retain surface area in their eyewear, you don’t have to feel left out. Take charge of your business with a pair of sleek browline frames from Zennie’s collaboration with Keke Palmer.

The “Board Certified” collection features sharp and sophisticated looks for hours at the office or working from home. Browline frames draw attention to the eyes, so keep the rest of your outfit monochromatic, like a gray power suit.

3. Flattering oval lenses

Oval-shaped spectacles give off an unmistakably retro-futuristic energy. It’s like what the ‘90s thought the 2020s would look like, fashion-wise (hint: it looks just like the ‘90s). This time around, though, office sirens aren’t restricted to office settings.

Consider a pair of sunglasses to keep the look going while outdoors. The curved form factor of these sunnies balances out the sharpness of a business outfit, like the Bandoneon.S from Gentle Monster’s BOLD collection.

Do the equivalent of an office worker loosening his tie—unbuttoning a few top buttons on your blouse, getting rid of that ponytail, and embracing a laidback version of the trend.

4. Barely-there rimless glasses

These aren’t your grandpa’s rimless glasses, though Grandpacore is another 2024 trend to look forward to. If you don’t have a prescription and are worried about looking like a bandwagoner to the whole office-chic thing, this eyewear style lets you stay on-trend without drawing attention.

They also won’t block your natural features, making it ideal for those with smaller eyes—a turtleneck or knit sweater pairs well with these understated frames.

Unlike other Gen Z trends, the office siren is relatively easy to adopt. With the right eyewear, you’ll be primed for success, and why not check out the latest watch trends to ensure you’re fully accessorized? 

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