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Funny Birthday Party Themes For Teenage Girls

Birthday Party Themes

Finding a party theme is probably the most challenging task for teenagers. The birthday party themes must be relaxed, fun, unique, and attention-grabbing.

Party-planning parents also find it hard to impress their teenage girls due to the influence of puberty, peer pressure from other schoolgirls, and probably social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram. Here are some fantastic girls’ birthday party themes for teenage girls.

1. Candy party theme

Almost every teenage girl desires a candy-themed birthday. Nowadays, the number of candy choices is overwhelming.

The birthday girl only needs to pick her favorite candy for the party. In preparation for the candy party, materials you will need include candy sticker favors, a candy kit, and a decoration background.

2. Barbie party theme

Girls are attracted to a fun girlie theme, and no one is more girly than Barbie. The Barbie theme contains bright colors, fantastic girls’ fashions, and of course, teenagers love taking cute photos and later sharing them on Instagram.

You will only need a Barbie birthday wall decoration, Glamour’s birthday banner, and a pink gold star Garlands.

3. Circus theme

A circus-themed party is an ideal theme for girls who like sharing their photos on social media platforms. All you need to prepare the circus theme is to put up a giant circus tent with red and white fabric and buy fun snacks for your birthday guest to enjoy as the party continues.

4. Mystery party theme

A Mystery-themed birthday party has plenty of activities, decorating, favors and food. It is a great experience where everyone gets into their roles and dress up for the part given.

Every guest invited to the party gets adequate information on their role before the actual day. Mysteries parties that are not pre-scripted are more exciting since they give the girl teenagers room for creativity and freedom.

5. Cooking party theme

This can be an exciting theme if the birthday girl loves watching cooking series. You can therefore make her dream come true by hosting a cooking party.

The tastiest food ideas include Rainbow cupcakes, ice cream birthday cakes, chicken slider bake, homemade Pizza, or chocolate-Dipped ice cream cupcakes.

Get all the species for it and assign a cooking task to each birthday guest. You can buy chef hats and aprons to be worn when cooking and let the guest take them home after the party.

6. Call me maybe party theme

This is a simple party theme for girl’s teenagers. You only need to wear a white shirt with your phone number written on it. Every guest invited to the birthday party enjoys a good time and waits for the next day to see if they get some calls and text messages.

It’s a fun theme party for teenagers to socialize. When preparing the party, you will only need a Karaoke machine, phone favor boxes, and mobile phone bubble Necklace.

Hope you like the article. See you in the next article.

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