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Think About Gifting Yourself A Better You

Gifting Yoursef a Diet

No matter what we want or need, the question “What should I improve about myself?” is a tough one to answer — for almost everybody.

Improving ourselves sounds fun, but often it just winds up being a perplexing and stressful exercise. If you’re struggling to come up with how you will better yourself, we will try to answer this in this article.

Do you want to eat better and perhaps lose some weight?

If you’re reading this and you have no problems with your diet and your body is as perfect as you could ever dream of, well, congratulations. You can skip this one. But for the majority of people, there is always some room for improvement when it comes to diet and health. 

One hurdle many must jump when instituting a healthy eating plan is the time hurdle. We are all overbooked and overworked. Time is hard to come by.

Time to look up recipes, grocery shop, prep, and cook nutritious meals? Even harder. That’s why, as Self magazine notes, your healthy eating plans should include a meal kit delivery subscription.

There are dozens of services that can deliver recipes and pre-prepped, read-to-cook ingredients to your door. BlueApron and HelloFresh are some good options.

It’s also tough to motivate yourself to cook and eat healthier if you don’t have the proper kitchen equipment. You don’t need a lot to do it right — a good knife, some cutting boards, a few pots, a couple of different skillets, and some roasting/baking dishes.

Do you want to boost your mental health?

Everyone could use a mental health boost, whether that comes from some hardcore relaxation, mindfulness exercises, or de-stressing activities. One good idea is to try some coloring books.

Think coloring is for kids? Oh, how wrong you are. According to research cited by Color It, coloring can reduce anxiety and help bring about a meditative state. 

If you are interested in meditation, there are many apps that help you stay centered. Just pick a quiet spot, put on a good pair of headphones and you’re ready to de-stress and regain your focus.

What’s more, be sure your quiet spot has good lighting from natural light — sunshine is a natural pick-me-up and has been proven to better your mood and provide a little extra energy. Optimize every bit of sunlight you can with sparkling windows.

In the end, only you know what makes you happy and what brings about relaxation. Much of it has to do with a home that invokes positive feelings and a sense of well-being.

Make the effort and declutter for more open spaces, and if you’re intrigued by the idea of aromatherapy, invest in some handmade essential oils with scents that contribute to creating a serene space. 

Do you want to get toned and healthy?

Does your self-improvement goal involve a six-pack or some muscle? If exercise is what you seek, it’s a perfect time to stock your home with the tools you need to really get in shape. 

Yes, your home. Sure, you can ask for a fancy gym membership if you’d like but it’s really not necessary. Anything you can do at a gym, minus a few group workouts, you can do at home for a fraction of the price. You should get toned with just some essentials. 

Don’t worry about a treadmill. Just go outside and run around the neighborhood or a park. You can also incorporate exercise into other areas of your life.

For example, instead of taking the elevator to your office, why not take the stairs instead? These small but effective life hacks will make getting a shape a little bit easier when you sprinkle them throughout your day.

Don’t let all these items veer you off course. Find only the things that can help you improve your life and health. Focus on your goal for self-improvement, and make it count.

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