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How To Take Good Instagram Photos- 5 Tips To Try Now

Young Women Taking Instagram Photos

Instagram was first launched back in 2010 when the camera features of the smartphones were not enhanced and accurate as they have become now.

However, there is no denying the fact that Instagram has been created as a photo-sharing app, which required alluring photos and the trend of DSLR cameras took a spike.

However, with the passage of time, smartphones and their cameras have progressed a lot. This can be seen that if you compare the new and old photos, the old photos will be pixelated and blur, whereas the latest photos would be crisp and pixels will be on the point.

However, even with these perfect cameras, people are trying to struggle with the pictures as good pictures don’t only need a good camera, there is much more to it.

In this article, we have outlined five different tips which will make sure that you can take the best pictures and capture the attention of your followers.

1. Consider the Lighting

When it comes to photography, the light acts like a miss or a hit for the excellent pictures. If the light is too much, the picture will turn out washed out, and if the lighting is low and dark, the subject of the photo will not be grabbing the required attention.

When you are on Instagram, each ray and spark of the light counts to take the best ever picture. If we look at the timing, dawn and dusk are the correct times to grab the right light.

Moreover, the golden hour is an apt time to shoot the photographs as well. Mostly, noon is not preferred for the photos because excessive sunlight can cause washed-out photos.

If you are clicking the pictures on the smartphone, you can use the focus option to check the light at different points. You can even adjust the brightness to add tweaks to the lighting.

2. Add The Layers

We know that simplicity and minimalism are something to look for, but if you want to quirk up your photos, you need to add layers. However, while adding the layers, keep in mind that the subject is the main focus.

In the latest smartphones, there are portrait options that allow the users to create depth in the photos. The portrait option comes in handy when you have added too much in the background as it will blur it out while keeping the subject in focus as needed. 

3. Use Bursts

This is something everyone is well-aware of, and if you are taking the action shots such as while exercising, running, wrestling, or cycling, the bursts shots can help you click the perfect picture.

For instance, when you are moving continuously, the single shots cannot be taken as the results will be a blur. On the other hand, the bursts will make sure that each movement is captured in a perfect manner, and from the bursts; you can choose the best one!

4. Utilize The White Space

If you are capturing the pictures of the products for marketing or launch purposes, you can opt for the white background. The white background will make sure that all the attention is on the product.

If you want to add tweaks to the photos, you can use the gridline option in the smartphone to overlay the subject easily.

5. Play With The Angles

You must have heard that practice makes a man perfect, and if you are working on the photographs, you need to experiment with different angles to get the best results.

Again, you can opt for the gridlines as makes the subject parallel and add depth to the photo. The top-angle shots are doing wonders as they concentrate on each aspect of the subject as well as the photo.

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