Most Popular Underwear Types for Women: A Detailed Guide

Underwear Types for Women

Underwear is far more than just a wardrobe essential and is the foundational layer that can greatly affect how we feel in our clothes. It can make the difference between a confident strut and an uncomfortable squirm.

It can smooth out the silhouette of a figure-hugging dress, offer coverage under a breezy skirt, or provide an invisible fit beneath body-contouring pants. 

In this guide, we will delve into different underwear types, from the classic comfort of briefs to the invisible ease of seamless, and the playful allure of Brazilian briefs.

As we navigate the world of women’s underwear, unravel its secrets, and learn how to harness its power to enhance our comfort, confidence, and style. Let’s begin!

Popular Underwear Types for Women

1. Classic Briefs

The epitome of comfort and practicality, classic briefs, also known as “granny panties,” offer full coverage. With a high waistline and wide sides, these undergarments are perfect for everyday wear.

They’re especially suitable for women who prioritize comfort and coverage over style considerations. Despite the name, many modern briefs come in stylish designs and fabrics, making them a delightful blend of fashion and function.

2. Bikini

Bikini-style underwear offers less coverage than briefs while maintaining a high comfort level. They sit low on the waist, making them an excellent choice for low-rise pants or skirts.

With moderate rear coverage and narrower sides, bikinis offer a balance between modesty and sensuality. They are a staple in many women’s underwear collections due to their versatility and comfort.

3. Thongs

Thongs are the go-to choice when it comes to avoiding visible panty lines (VPL). With minimal rear coverage, thongs are ideal for wearing under tight-fitting dresses, skirts, or pants where discretion is paramount.

While it can take some time to get accustomed to the unique feel of thongs, many women appreciate the freedom from worrying about VPL that these undergarments provide.

4. G-String

G-strings take minimalism a step further than thongs. They feature a thin strip of fabric in the back and are sometimes favored for their “barely there” feeling. They offer the utmost in discretion under clothing and are often worn with body-hugging or sheer garments.

Like thongs, G-strings can require an adjustment period in terms of comfort, but their invisibility under clothes makes them a popular choice for many.

5. Boyshorts

Boyshorts provide full coverage and are designed to resemble men’s briefs, hence the name. With their square-shaped design and comfortable fit, they’re an excellent choice for those seeking modesty and comfort.

Boyshorts work well under short skirts or dresses, offering extra coverage, and they can also serve as comfortable sleepwear.

6. High-Cut or French Cut

High-cut underwear, also known as French cut, is characterized by its high-cut leg openings that help to elongate the look of the legs. These undergarments offer full rear coverage and sit at the natural waistline.

They’re a popular choice for women looking to highlight their legs and are particularly flattering on pear-shaped bodies.

7. Hipsters

Hipster underwear is a blend between briefs and bikinis. They sit on the hips and offer more coverage than bikinis but less than briefs.

The lower leg openings make them suitable for low-rise jeans or pants. If you’re seeking a balance between style and comfort, hipsters might be the perfect choice.

8. Control Briefs

Control briefs are designed with a specific purpose in mind: to shape and smooth the waistline. Offering full coverage, these underwear types are made from a stretchy material that tucks in the tummy and accentuates the waist.

They’re often worn under fitted dresses or high-waisted pants to create a seamless silhouette. The control brief is more than just underwear; it’s a tool to boost your confidence and enhance your natural shape.

9. Seamless

The Seamless underwear, as the name suggests, is designed without any seams or stitches, making them virtually invisible under clothing. They’re perfect for wearing under tight-fitting clothes where you want to avoid visible panty lines.

Seamless underwears often comes in stretchy, comfortable fabrics that adapt to your body shape, ensuring a perfect fit while staying discreet.

10. Brazilian Brief

Sitting between a bikini and a thong in terms of coverage, the Brazilian brief is an increasingly popular choice. They offer moderate to minimal rear coverage, which adds a hint of sensuality without sacrificing too much comfort.

They’re perfect for fitted dresses or skirts where you want less coverage than a brief but more than a thong.

11. Tap Pants

Tap pants, also known as French knickers, are reminiscent of shorts. These undergarments provide modest coverage and are usually made from soft, luxurious fabrics like silk or satin. Tap pants offer a vintage appeal and are often worn with matching camisoles.

12. Cheeky and Cheekini

Cheeky and cheekini underwear offer less coverage than a brief but more than a thong, providing a flattering look that enhances the natural shape of the buttocks.

Cheeky underwear often has a low rise and leaves part of the bottom exposed for a playful, sexy look.


Every woman’s underwear drawer should be as diverse as her wardrobe. After all, the right underwear can do wonders for how comfortable you feel in your clothes, boosting your confidence in everything you wear.

Whether it’s the seamless invisibility of a G-string, the comfort of a classic brief, or the playful appeal of a Brazilian brief, there’s an underwear style to complement every outfit and occasion. So, don’t limit yourself to one style.

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