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Best NonRev Travel Apps

NonRev Travel Apps

Travel Apps are constantly rising and are becoming an essential tool for many travelers. Thanks to the smartphone today, traveling has become much easier than a few years ago.

In short, today, travelers can have all the useful information about the country they are visiting at their fingertips, at any time.

Some apps allow you to manage every aspect of a trip, to gather all the useful information, and also to share the travel itinerary with your fellow adventurers.

Then there are those that allow you to find flights, ferries, hotels, and restaurants. Others give the possibility to choose the places to visit and to buy tickets for museums and every kind of attraction.

Let’s see together the best travel apps that you must install on your device. Download and install these NonRev travel apps before you leave and easily get all the information related to flight details, international flight status, and much more!

Best NonRev Travel Apps

1) Citymapper

Citymapper is an application that helps you move easily on public transport in the most important cities in the world. 

Using this is very simple: just enter your destination on the app and wait a few moments to find out the fastest way to reach the destination indicated. 

Citymapper recommends which means to use among underground, bus, tram, train, bike, car, Uber, taxi, car-sharing and when possible also the boat! The application is constantly updated.

2) TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor is always on the list of travel apps. The application allows you to easily find hotels and restaurants, places for your nearby to enjoy, and to find all about the flight details. One of the most interesting features is the reviews of other travelers to enlighten other travelers about the destination they are choosing.

3) Airbnb

If you are looking for an apartment to stay on your next trip, then Airbnb is for you. It is undoubtedly the most popular service on the planet for those looking for accommodation and allows you to filter the search based on a wide variety of parameters.

In addition to booking apartments, you can also use the app to book local services and guides. The application offers accommodation in more than 150 countries.

4) Google Maps

We put it at the bottom of the list, but it is an essential app that is pre-installed on every Android smartphone. If you are looking for a pure navigation app, it would be difficult to find a better one than Google Maps. 

This application of Google allows you to find the best route to reach a specific destination whether you use a car, a bus, an airline, a bicycle, or even feet. On Google maps, it is possible to find good places nearby, museums, restaurants and discover the opening and closing timings of places.

Especially if you travel abroad often, Google Maps is an indispensable travel app for your smartphone.


Booking needs no details to be told. We all have used it quite often, and we have always found it very helpful. It allows you to find the best offers on the market for both hotels and apartments. Budget is always the main concern of NonRevtravelers. This app will help you in saving a lot of money.

6) GetYourGuide

GetYourGuide is an app that we can use on the road. Thanks to it, now you can book tours, activities, excursions and much more in any part of the world!

The app also provides users with reviews of people who have already used the service. By activating GPS on your smartphone, GetYourGuide allows you to find activities you might be interested in based on your location.

7) TripCase

TripCase is one of the best apps for organizing trips because it allows users to take care of many details. With this App, you can organize your travel activities according to an optimized itinerary. TripCase allows you to manage flight details, hotel reservations, and rental car itineraries in a single app.

8) NonRev Loads

This application tops our list for the NonRev travelers who are looking for a simple app to get all the flight details and international flights status.

Using AI this app can easily estimate if the user has a chance of catching a NonRev flight. Moreover, this application provides the best results to the users, so they don’t have to make a random guess about the flights.

For all the NonRev travelers who are constantly in search of flight details and international flight status, this app should be a must-have.

Other Travel Apps

The applications certainly do not end here. There are so many! When you go abroad, for example, Google translator and currency converters can be very useful. The weather app will also be convenient.

In conclusion

If you are going for NonRevtravel, we would highly advise you to equip yourself with these items. Among applications, booking, NonRev Loads, and Google Map must be your preference.

These applications will save you a lot of time and effort. You can use NonRev Loads anytime to avail its amazing services and find out flight details and international flight status. Google Map will help you in commuting easily while Booking will provide you the best options for accommodation. Best of luck with your next NonRev travel!

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