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Purchasing Furniture – Why Avoiding Layaway is a Smart Decision

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From the time man shifted from being a hunter-gatherer to a more agriculture-based lifestyle, housing became a significant part of our life. With housing came the need for making houses more comfortable and aesthetically appealing. That is where the furniture came into the picture and since then has continued to evolve.

In today’s modern world, purchasing furniture not just gives a boost to one’s lifestyle, but it also improves the quality of time that you spend at home. For most people, this is among the top priorities of life.

Why Avoiding Layaway is a Smart Decision

Many furniture stores offer the option of layaways. Here the customer books furniture of their choice by making an initial deposit. While some stores have a pre-defined amount for the initial deposit, most places allow you to pay an amount of your choice.

The customer then makes payment at pre-decided intervals (weekly, every fortnight, or once a month). Once the total amount is paid for, the customer takes home the furniture. The fact that one pays the furniture’s actual price in total (and not any additional interest is what makes it a lucrative option among people).

However, this is not a smart financial decision, and you must know the disadvantages of it. 

Firstly, imagine incurring some unexpected expenses in a particular month that doesn’t allow you to pay your monthly installment. Most furniture stores will not be considerate towards your situation, and you may lose out on the deal that you had settled for.

Moreover, in the case of smaller stores, the furniture you had paid for may be damaged or lost while it is with the seller. Most of the time, you will be offered store credit.

While it is relieving to know that your money isn’t gone, you do not get the product you wanted, and neither do you have the luxury of looking for it at some other store.

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