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10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Bangkok Pattaya

Bangkok Pattaya

Every year millions of tourists visit Thailand to enjoy tension-free, relaxing and notorious holidays. Bangkok and Pattaya are the main cities and are the most sought and visited places in Thailand. The Bangkok Pattaya tour is famous for all the good and bad reasons.

When the girls demand a vacation to these cities she is misjudged to be bold and naughty, while if men make a plan to visit these places he is considered to be a womaniser. But this is just a Myth.

Here in this article we will discuss the top 10 best things about the Bangkok Pattaya tour, and reasons why you need to plan your next holidays there.

Why You Should Visit Bangkok Pattaya

1) Budget Friendly

The Bangkok Pattaya trip cost falls in the range of 35,000-40,000 for a single person. The international holiday at the same price as a national holiday is what attracts lots of candid eyes. 

The airfare, hotel booking, and the meals are simply cheap and fall in everyone’s budget. So, if you have never been to any international holidays, then the Bangkok and Pattaya tour is perfect for you.

2) Exotic Beaches

The Bangkok Pattaya Beaches are the cleanest and beautiful water bodies. The coral reefs can be easily seen in such crystal clear water. Tourists enjoy water sports on the beaches. The beaches are overcrowded in the months of February to May. In between the frolic activities on the beaches tourists also go to the nearby shacks and cafe to munch regularly.

3) Complete Holiday

Bangkok Pattaya are two cities which have ample of attractions to enjoy in every mood by any age group. The Bangkok Pattaya beaches, Wildlife sanctuary, Coral Island, museums, temples, amusement parks, Caput Succedaneum shopping destination, late night shows, clubs and bars, underwater aquariums are open throughout the year. It gives every traveller a sense of complete holiday when they spend such frolic activities in their short visit.

4) Luxury Affordable Stay

Staying in Bangkok and Pattaya are not only cheap but also luxurious. Hotels provide the facility to get the meal of your taste and also provide you with a caretaker who can look after your kids if you want to spend a night out and enjoy the glittering and adult nightlife. 

Thus a comfortable and luxurious stay enhances the complete holiday experience and the stays in Bangkok Pattaya undoubtedly excel in it.

5) Suitable for all Age Groups

Bangkok Pattaya trip is suitable for all age groups. Families with kids, corporate groups, solo travellers, and even senior citizens. Irrespective of the naughty and adult stuff, the city was awestruck with beautiful monuments, temples, museums, shopping arcade and many more for all age groups.

6) Well Connected with all the Major Cities

There are direct flights from Hyderabad, Kochi, Pune, Chennai, Bangalore, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, New Delhi, and many other cities. With such well-connected commuting, travelling becomes easier and more comfortable to pack your bags, even on sudden plans.

7) A Short Trip

Bangkok Pattaya is also a popular trip for Indians because the trip can only be 2 days to 5 days. The Bangkok airport has many direct flights from all the major cities of India.

Every long weekend, many Indians plan to visit Thailand. This is what Indians like about the Bangkok Pattaya tour. You don’t have to make intensive planning to visit Bangkok and Pattaya.

8) Unlimited Activities

Bangkok and Pattaya have lots to offer to the tourists. Beautiful beaches, Adult shows, Cabratte show, a world-class spa, cheap shopping, cultural dances, meditation and yoga programmes, a city tour on the bicycle or tuk-tuk rides or Thai cuisine cooking classes. There are just some to start with, there is unlimited fun to enjoy.

9) Freedom

Freedom is the another emotion that accentuates in you, during your visit to Bangkok and Pattaya. You not only stay away from your day to day life but you also feel a sense of liberation in your styling, mindset and thought process. Everything looks so simple and easy and there is no taboo about anything.

10) Cheap Shopping

The Bangkok Pattaya markets are full of Chinese products that are fancy looking but are not durable. Yet tourists can buy bags, footwear, and accessories at a cheap price. For Indian tourists i suggest to take 2 sizes bigger of your size to get the best fit.

So, at last, the Bangkok Pattaya tour is a must-visit for all those travellers who are looking for a holiday getaway to enjoy their life. 

The ten reasons that make Bangkok and Pattaya the best holiday deal includes the affordable price, easy connectivity, luxurious stay, unlimited fun and activities that suit all age groups.

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