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Top 10 Sex Free Countries in the World

Sex Free Countries

Thinking this can only happen in films? No, you are wrong. Once you start reading the list of the top 10 sex-free countries you would be shocked to know you have always heard of those places maybe even been to some.

They lie in the most tourist-friendly regions of the world. If you come from an obnoxiously conservative background this might be completely out of the blue for you.

A lot of people while going on trips look for such places. This though is not a bright thing to be discussed always as many are forced to pursue prostitution. The basic need of humans needs to be sold just for the sake of a living.

Another very interesting side to this is the permit for public nudity. Many countries partially allow nudity or have legalized nudity in parts of their nation but not throughout the entire nation.

Here in this article, we will discuss the top 10 Sex free countries in the world. Let’s dive into the article.

Sex Free Countries in the World

1. Netherlands

No wonder this country is famously known as the seventh-happiest country in the world. Sex laws are the most lenient here. They barely stick to any laws. Nudity is not a thing here. So is public sex.

Prostitution is legal here as civilians are allowed to pay for sex. They can do it with a government license. Sex shops to buy toys are a common thing here. Another thing is the sex drive-ins where you can easily entertain yourself as prostitution is no new occurrence here.

2. Denmark

Denmark is also one of the best country where prostitution is legal. The government here also helps disabled Sex workers in earning extra costs by compensating them. Denmark is a beautiful country where you will find many prostitutes and Sex workers.

3. Thailand

Yes, all those things you heard about having your bachelorette at Patayya aren’t wrong! This would top the list while we discuss sex-free countries. Thailand has many such places where people mainly tourists come with an expectation to entertain themselves.

Prostitution is not legal but any laws do not harass the citizens involved with prostitution as such. It is the main source of tourist attraction. Starting from body massages to having a relaxing intimate experience is all you can get in Thailand.

The hotspots include Patong, Phuket, and Pattaya. So anyone looking for a sex-free country would come across Thailand first.

4. Germany

Germany is the most progressive country in terms of prostitution and the legalization of free sex life.

There is gender neutrality in this field. There is no particular gender bias as such. Anybody can get involved and earn by these means.

After 1927 Germany completely legalized the entire process. They also give liabilities to sex workers including taking care of their health and regular checkups. 

Germany thus is becoming a famous tourist spot for those looking to relax without the headaches of these.

5. Cambodia

If you are looking for a moral dilemma from your childhood then Cambodia is definitely the place. A place of temples as Cambodia is believed to be. And in most parts, everyone is reluctant to discuss sex openly.

But this is the lesser-known side of Cambodia as there are quite a lot of downtown bars and places where you can find liberty for engaging in physical intimacy. People also practice prostitution without any law stopping them from doing so. 

6. Austria

This is probably the most interesting of them all. They have the most liberating sexual laws as the government benefits entirely from this. They collect revenue from the brothels or downtown clubs where they sell prostitution.

There is no legal procedure one has to undergo in order to pursue it as a profession. Their choices are valued. They just need to pay income tax to the government just like other employees.

7. Australia

Australia does not impose any restrictions on its citizens regarding sex or pursuing it. They are quite liberal and have given ample freedom to people to go about it. It is not imposing any orders to strictly follow.

Prostitution is legal here. So there is no hard and fast rule not to discuss or follow your instincts of having a free lifestyle in this country.

8. Spain

Spain as sassy as it sounded always is the one where you find the most charming people! Their classic tastes in fashion and everything else are something to gorge on.

Madrid and Barcelona are the evolving places for increased prostitution. One wanting the Vegas feeling can definitely have a lot of places to entertain themselves here in Spain.

9. Philippines

The Philippines a popular tourist spot is no different when it comes to talking about sex-free countries. Manila, an already well-known spot for practicing erotic culture openly is a lucrative place for tourists.

10. Dominican republic

If you are looking for an escapade and get all MTV kind of sex-ed up then the Dominican Republic is the answer. In Dominican republic you will find many prostitutes and Sex workers.


So we have already flooded you with information and now you might be quite relieved to know it’s not all worries when it comes to publicly dealing with sexual desires.

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