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Spread Positivity Through Memes And Videos

Spread Positivity

It would be best if you use social media to create a significant impact on society. You can do this by sharing videos that people can relate to. These videos can be funny, motivational, quirky, etc. depending on your audience’s demographics.

You can use social media platforms to share your positive experiences. This will motivate and encourage others to do something useful with their lives.

It is also important to share your negative experiences. This gives your friends/audience a lot to learn and make necessary changes to their lifestyle

The meme trend was started to spread positivity in the first place. Slowly, it became commercial, but the essence of giving out a positive message is still not lost. These memes and videos tend to lift your spirits when you are going through a tough time.

Share memes and videos with your friends regularly. This content also keeps people attached. You can spread positivity using memes and videos in the following ways:

1. Create positive content

Make positive videos that motivate people. Alternatively, you can also make funny videos to which people can relate. Memes have gained a lot of popularity, and people tend to enjoy them thoroughly.

2. Target the correct audience

Some videos or memes can be fun for some people, while the same content can offend others. Therefore, it is essential to choose your audience wisely. Use hashtags and audience targeting features on these social media platforms to make sure that the content reaches the right audience.

3. Be likable

Try not to hurt the sentiments of the general audience through your content. Try to be someone who is liked by most people, if not all.

4. Stay enthusiastic and full of energy

People love content that is full of life. Happy people spread happiness. Therefore, stay passionate and charged up while you are making your video content, as this will ensure a fresh inflow of ideas.

5. Motivate and advise people

Use your memes as a source of motivation. Memes and videos can be both positive and funny at the same time.

6. Stay updated

Make sure to keep your videos in line with the current trends. This way, you will remain popular, and people would find your content insightful. Who doesn’t love witty jokes on the face of two countries fighting or if there is a change in the country’s economic policy?

7. Reply positively

Positivity can be spread if you tackle both your praisers and criticizers confidently. Reply to the comments so that they form a reasonable opinion of you and your page. Also, these comments create a positive impact as people feel heard, and they get a sense that their opinions matter.

8. Always be kind:

Everybody is on social media for love and entertainment. Funny jokes and videos are always appreciated. However, make sure not to hurt your sentiments while you are creating the meme or the video.


Memes are driving the current trend on social media. Therefore, you can leverage this opportunity to spread happiness. Make sure to give your memes and videos a proper structure as the main point of creating content is to be appealing and relatable. 

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