Top 10 Dead Memes That Should Come Back

Some internet jokes or trends were once extremely popular. Some people believe they should make a comeback because they are humorous and bring back nostalgic memories.

This list picks out ten of these memes that could bring back happy memories and laughter to online communities.

Dead Memes that Should Come Back  

10. Charlie Bit My Finger 

Charlie Bit My Finger was a really popular video on the internet. It showed two little boys, Harry and Charlie. In the video, Harry put his finger in Charlie’s mouth while they were playing.

Suddenly, Charlie bit down on Harry’s finger, and Harry yelled, “Charlie bit me” Their dad put the video on YouTube in 2007, and it became super famous.

Lots of people watched it, and others made their own versions. Even though it’s a simple video, it made people all over the world happy because it showed a cute moment between brothers. Even though it’s not as popular now, many people still remember it and think of it fondly. 

9. Nyan Cat 

Nyan Cat” was a big deal on the internet back in 2011. It featured a cat with a Pop-Tart for a body, flying through space with a rainbow behind it and a catchy tune playing.

The whole thing was created by an artist named Chris Torres and shared on YouTube with the funny song “Nyanyanyanyanyanyanya!” 

People went crazy for “Nyan Cat.” It spread like wildfire on social media, with everyone making their own versions, jokes, and drawings. It became a symbol of the internet and even showed up in video games and online communities. 

But, like with most things, newer memes came along and “Nyan Cat” lost some of its sparkle. It’s not as popular now, but many people still look back on it fondly as a fun memory from the early days of the internet. 

8. Fidget Spinners 

Fidget spinners were a big deal a few years ago, starting around 2017. They were these small toys you held in your hand with three arms that you could spin around. People thought they helped with stress and they got super popular, especially with kids and teens. 

Everyone was into them, trying out cool tricks and showing off their fancy spinners. You’d see them everywhere – in schools, parks, and even workplaces. 

But like most trendy things, the hype eventually faded. People got interested in new stuff, and fidget spinners weren’t as cool anymore. They’re still around, but they’re not as popular as they once were. Still, they were a fun part of our culture for a bi 

7. You Are an Idiot 

You Are an Idiot was a popular but annoying internet joke from the mid-2000s. It usually had flashing words saying “You Are an Idiot” with annoying music. People would put it in fake virus warnings or pretend it was a game. 

The joke was to trick people into clicking on it. When they did, they’d just see the same message and hear the same music over and over. It was meant to bug them. 

Even though the joke wasn’t that funny, it got really famous because it annoyed a lot of people. But like many old internet jokes, it’s not as popular now. It’s just something we remember from the early days of the internet. 

6. Overly Attached Girlfriend 

The Overly Attached Girlfriend meme was a big hit in 2012. It started from a parody video by YouTuber Laina Morris, where she sang a clingy version of a Justin Bieber song.

The meme showed her face with captions about being overly obsessed with relationships. It was super popular for a while but eventually faded away as new memes took its place. Even though it’s not as famous now, it’s still remembered as a funny part of internet history. 

5. Numa Numa Dance 

The “Numa Numa Dance” was a viral meme from around 2004. It featured a guy named Gary Brolsma lip-syncing and dancing to a catchy Romanian song called “Dragostea Din Tei.”

His enthusiastic and funny performance made the video really popular on the internet. Though it’s not as talked about now, it’s still remembered fondly as one of the early viral videos that brought joy to many people. 

4. 9+10=21 

The “9+10=21” meme was a short-lived internet sensation that emerged around 2013. It originated from a Vine video where a young boy confidently declares that “9 plus 10 equals 21.”

Despite the obvious mathematical error, the video became widely shared and turned into a meme, with people remixing and parodying the phrase.

While it was popular for a brief period, the meme quickly faded into obscurity as new trends emerged. Nevertheless, it remains a nostalgic reminder of the quirky humor found on the early internet.

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3. Deez Nuts 

The “Deez Nuts” meme was a viral joke that gained popularity in 2015. It started with a prank call to a radio show where someone pretended to be a fictional candidate named “Deez Nuts” running for president.

The phrase “Deez Nuts” became a catchphrase used to jokingly respond to questions or statements. While it had a brief moment of fame, the meme eventually faded away, but it’s still remembered as a funny and unexpected part of internet culture. 

2. Ligma 

The Ligma meme was a prank that circulated online in 2018. It involved people asking others if they knew about “Ligma,” prompting the response, “What’s Ligma?” The punchline was a play on words, as the answer would be “Ligma balls,” a crude and humorous reference.

While the meme had a brief period of popularity, it quickly died out as internet trends evolved. Nonetheless, it remains a memorable example of internet humor from that time. 

1. All Your Base Are Belong to Us 

All Your Base Are Belong to Us” was a viral meme from the early 2000s. It originated from a poorly translated video game called “Zero Wing.”

The phrase became popular online and was used to make jokes and remixes. While it’s not as well-known now, it’s remembered as one of the first internet memes that brought people together through humor. 

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