Top 10 Men’s Scarf Styles To Instantly Up Your Style Game 

Despite common misconceptions, scarves play a crucial role in men’s winter fashion. They do more than just add a stylish touch they also keep you warm.  

These fashionable accessories possess the ability to instantly elevate the overall appeal of any outfit.  

The ways men can wear a scarf are boundless from tying it into a knot to wrapping it around your neck. 

This refined winter accessory is undoubtedly an underestimated addition to men’s fashion, bringing not only charm but also infusing color and a revitalizing energy into your outfits.  

If you’re contemplating expanding your scarf collection, having various men’s scarf styles at your disposal can prove useful in perfecting that scarf look. 

Men’s Scarf Styles To Instantly Up Your Style Game 

10. Twice Around- doubly sure, doubly secure 

This will keep you extra warm and snug in the winter. If you have a thick scarf, you can wrap it around your neck twice, and let the ends hang over the sides of your coat.  

It’s a fantastic style for those who want to showcase their scarves while staying protected from the cold! 

Moreover, it’s excellent for those wondering how to wear a scarf on the face.  

You can simply lift the scarf a bit upward to cover your nose and still look fashionable! Just make sure you have a long scarf to pull off this look. 

9. Reverse Drape- let it flow at the back 

Embracing the reverse drape introduces a laid-back and informal style that suits the winter season effortlessly.  

Just pair it with your checkered shirts and jeans, and you’re all set to brave the cold.  

This scarf style shares similarities with the loop style in the front, but with a unique touch the ends of the scarf don’t get tucked in; instead, they casually hang over the back, adding a distinctive flair to your winter look. 

8. Tie it in the ascot style 

Ever thought about making your style stand out with a scarf for a special occasion? Try the classic ascot style – it’s a great choice.  

Just put the scarf over your shoulders, making one end longer. Take that longer end, loop it over and under the shorter side, and adjust the scarf so both ends hang nicely on your chest.  

This not only makes you look cool but also keeps you warm in the chilly winter. Step up your style with the knotted ascot.  

Tie a loose knot in the middle of the scarf and then put it around your neck. This style is classy and works well for both casual and fancy situations. 

7. Tie it into a cowl 

Perfect for those chilly winter evenings when you’re enjoying a bike ride and need to shield your neck from the biting cold, the cowl style of wearing a scarf combines fashion and comfort seamlessly.  

To nail this scarf styling for men, start by allowing one end of the scarf to hang down to your hips while keeping the other end close to your neck.  

Next, wrap the longer end around your neck multiple times until the scarf becomes shorter, then neatly tuck both ends inside the wrapped cowl-like scarf.  

This not only keeps you warm but also adds a touch of style to your winter outfit, making it a practical and fashionable choice for outdoor activities in the cold weather. 

6. Wrap the scarf twice around the neck 

If you like the idea of looking a bit more stylish, here’s a refined way for men to wear a scarf that you can give a try.  

First, drape the scarf around your neck, ensuring one end is longer than the other.  

Grab the longer end, wrap it twice around your neck, and then bring the remaining part in front of your shoulder.  

Make sure both ends of the scarf are the same length for a balanced and sophisticated look.  

This simple technique not only adds a touch of class but also keeps you warm and stylish. 

5. Dangle it backward over the shoulder 

Here’s a fashionable idea for men’s scarves – let it drape elegantly down your back. This quick and distinctive style involves wrapping the scarf evenly down your back.  

To achieve this, encircle the right end around your neck, flip it behind your right shoulder, and then do the same with the left end.  

Beyond just looking stylish, this method serves a practical purpose by shielding your neck from cold winds.  

It’s a smart choice, especially for enduring harsh winter conditions, keeping you both trendy and warm. 

4. Loop the scarf through itself 

Discover a different approach to styling men’s scarves – by folding it in half and gently wrapping it around your neck.  

This technique embodies a classic knot style, presenting one end of the scarf as a neatly folded loop, while the other end displays loose sections.

This specific way of tying men’s scarves complements monochrome high necks and jackets exceptionally well, resulting in a stylish and enduringly fashionable appearance. 

3. Drape it over one shoulder 

This method of styling a scarf for men is both simple and stylish, exuding effortless elegance. It’s particularly suitable for those unsure about how to wear a scarf.  

The technique involves wrapping it around your neck and allowing both ends to hang freely.  

To keep a neat appearance, ensure that both ends of the scarf are the same length.  

Among the diverse scarf styles for men, this approach brings a lively charm to an outfit, injecting a touch of class into winter styling. 

2. Drape it around the neck 

Adopting the around-the-neck drape stands out as a superb way for men to showcase their scarf styling.  

To pull off this style, begin by letting one end drape longer than the other. Then, make use of the extended end, loop it around your neck, and flip it back to the front of the chest.  

This draping technique frees you from the seemingly tiresome job of tying knots, providing a blend of simplicity, sophistication, and warmth. 

1. Drape it over both shoulders 

Within the diverse array of scarf styles tailored for men, this specific look has garnered popularity. It involves the scarf elegantly draping down the front of your chest.  

The key to mastering this style lies in ensuring both loose sections maintain a consistent and balanced appearance.

Unlike scarf styles primarily designed for warmth, this particular method of tying a men’s scarf leans more towards making a stylish statement, particularly for achieving a professional and polished look.  

Choosing a scarf in a contrasting shade serves a dual purpose, injecting vibrancy into your outfits while also directing attention to your face, enhancing the overall appeal of your appearance.


In conclusion, becoming adept at scarf styling not only elevates your winter fashion but also provides a means for personal expression. Hope you like this article. See you in the next article.

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