Top Travel Influencers In India 2024 On Instagram You Should Check 

A new group of trendsetters who have a big impact on what people think has appeared because of social media. Influential people online are really important in our lives, especially when it comes to travel.  

Some travelers, unlike many others who just show off their fancy lives, inspire others to tell their own travel stories. These adventurous people influence and add to the trends in travel, making others want to explore too.  

Here’s a list of ten travelers who decided to stop just wandering and start taking action.

Top Travel Influencers In India  

10. @budgettraveller 

Arjun Yadav’s Instagram is great for people who want to travel to India but don’t have a lot of money. He gives useful tips and suggestions on how to have fun experiences without spending too much.  

He proves that you don’t need a big budget to enjoy your trip. These famous travel influencers on Instagram display India’s stunning landscapes and interesting culture.  

They inspire lots of people to begin their own journeys and explore new places. 

9. @bhushavali 

Bhushavali’s Instagram is like a vibrant picture book that shows off the many interesting parts of India’s culture and history. She enjoys visiting and taking photos of different cultures and places that have special meaning from the past.  

Bhushavali hopes that everyone who follows her feels enthusiastic about India’s traditional ways and joyful celebrations by seeing her posts. 

8. @luxurywithpriyanka 

Priyanka Dalal’s Instagram page focuses on showcasing luxurious and upscale travel experiences across India.  

She posts pictures and videos of lavish hotels and high-end restaurants, sharing visually appealing content that captures the attention of travelers seeking indulgent and extravagant experiences. 

7. @aakash_ranison 

Aakash Ranison uses his Instagram to promote travel that respects nature and to support environmental conservation in India.  

He shares amazing photos and engaging stories to inspire his followers to visit India’s stunning natural sites responsibly, ensuring they remain beautiful for future generations. 


Swati Jain uses her Instagram to promote travel practices that are good for the environment and fair to local communities in India.  

She posts engaging content and explains important concepts in her captions to educate her audience about responsible tourism.  

At the same time, Swati showcases the stunning landscapes of India and the diverse cultures of its communities. 

5. @siddharthajoshi 

Siddhartha Joshi’s Instagram page is a bit like a colorful storybook packed with photos that highlight India’s varied culture and impressive architecture.  

Through his pictures, he weaves tales that bring to life the charm of India’s ancient landmarks and bustling streets.  

When you look at Siddhartha’s posts, it feels as if you’re right there, exploring India alongside him. 

4. @kartik_adventures 

Kartikeya Sharma’s Instagram page is ideal for those who enjoy thrilling experiences and adventures.  

He posts captivating photos and recounts exciting stories of his journeys all around India.  

From conquering towering mountains to plunging into crystal-clear waters, Kartikeya’s posts will ignite the spirit of adventure in his followers. 

3. @neelimav 

Neelima Vallangi’s Instagram page acts as a portal to India’s stunning natural landscapes, showcasing them through her incredible photographs.  

With her posts, she guides you to remote and pristine areas of the country, including serene mountain villages and dense forests that haven’t been explored much.  

Neelima’s photos evoke a sense of awe and appreciation for the beauty of nature, making you realize its marvels and importance.

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2. @anuradha_goyal 

Anuradha Goyal’s Instagram page is like a treasure chest filled with hidden and special places across India. She enjoys discovering historical sites and sharing them with her followers.  

Anuradha’s photos give you a sense of being immersed in the culture and history of India, making you feel as if you’re there experiencing it firsthand. 

1. @shivya 

Shivya Nath is someone many people know for encouraging travel on Instagram. She shares beautiful photos and writes meaningful captions about her travels in India.  

Shivya wants others to travel in a way that’s good for the environment and to make sure they take care of nature.


Whether you travel a lot or just like to explore from home, these popular travel influencers in India on Instagram will surely make you want to go on an adventure.

India has so much to offer, from stunning scenery to fascinating cultural experiences, just waiting for you to discover. Hope you like this article see you in the next article.


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