What Colour Bra Do Modern Woman Choose

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Choose; our life consists of it. We choose what to eat, where to live, what car to drive, what job to choose and so on. We often also have to make a choice when it comes to clothing. What do we do for which occasion? The modern woman has a different choice; which bra to choose when.

Business, Sports or a Night Out

Which bra you choose often has to do with your outerwear and, therefore, the activity you will undertake. You will choose a different bra for a night out than when you go for a run in a sports bra.

But the colour also says something. And which colour do you choose for your business lunch, that important presentation or your ordinary working day from home?

In addition to the type and shape of your lingerie, colour is also a determining factor. Are you going for a beautiful red balcony bra? Do you prefer a grey push up or a white plunge bra? In any case, always choose the right size so that your bra doesn’t show under your clothes.

A bra that is too small does not give a push-up effect, but it does damage your breasts and, therefore, health. Therefore, the advice is mainly your desired shape, the right size, and top it off, the right autumn colour. That way, you shine every moment. 

Safe Black

Another colour that you have to have as a base in the cupboard is black. In addition to white, black is a colour that is always possible under your business little black dress with your Burkely bag that always makes a good impression. But also on weekends with that simple t-shirt and jeans or under that spicy evening dress. So it is not without reason that you see this colour in almost every bra model.

Concealing Red

Do you see red shades as feminine and sexy? Then know that red is the colour to wear under your white clothes. Red shines even more petite than white so that the colour under your outerwear is hardly visible. While red is dynamic and assertive during the day, the colour is also absolutely passionate and romantic. Combine your sexy dress with red lingerie and pumps, and your evening cannot go wrong.

Warm Orange

Orange is the colour of autumn, herbs and pumpkins. Orange represents energy, warmth, balance with an exotic touch. You can hear it all; this combines well with various bras such as the plunge or balcony bra—both for your business lunch and private dinner.

Calm Blue

This season the entire blue series is a trend. From night blue to sky blue, it’s possible. The colour, of course, represents harmony, loyalty, trust, calm, and a very confident appearance. In addition to the business look, this colour also works well in the large sports bra series.

Natural Grey

A color that has been characterized as timeless and classic for years is natural gray. Was gray once boring, after Fifty Shades of Gray no one has any doubts about this color anymore. This fall the color is even trendy. Whether you should choose it for your contract meeting with your director is a matter of discussion.

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