What Exactly is a Medical Spa?

Medical Spa

While you would be familiar with day spas and might have taken their services on a range of occasions, there is a new breed of spas, medical spas that have been gaining tremendous popularity in the present times, offering soothing services for both men and women.

What Exactly is a Medical Spa?

In simple terms, medical spas, also called as medspas or medi spas are a unique blend of traditional day spas and medical clinics. 

When you hear the word spa, you visualize a tranquil place that offers relaxing and rejuvenating spa services in various ways, carried out by professionals.

Now imagine the ambiance of a spa and the professionals rendering the services by leveraging the new-age medical technologies. This is what makes med spas a place for cosmetic medical services, which you can find around in quality wherever you are living.

Medical Spas have expert physicians, so you can expect to get safe treatment, in a clean and organized medical premise.

Why Med Spas Have Become Popular?

Med Spas brings the blend of two worlds – day spas and medical clinics, offering the best from those two. Here you get treatment for your ailment, while also get the rejuvenation that your body and mind need.

How Med Spas are Different to a Day Spa?

There are various factors that make a medspa different from a day spa, as detailed below:

  • While day spa doesn’t have an MD on staff and operates on a non-medical grade, the medspas provide medical-grade treatments under the supervision of an MD.
  • A licensed physician carries out the service and treatment in a med spa, while in a day spa you get services from a massage therapist, cosmetologists, estheticians, nail techs and so.
  • Day spa service gives you relaxation and provides light beauty treatment, a medspa goes a step further offering suitable treatment and care for the health and beauty issues.
  • A med spa is a place to get certain health issue result, while the day spa is more about recreation and improving your look.

What Type of Treatments You Can Get in a Med Spa?

When it comes to considering med spa, the first thing you should know is what type of treatments you can get at a med spa? There are various types of med spas, all created to offer services for a single or multiple types of health issue solutions.

The various types of treatments for which a med spa could be your go-to destination include hair removal, acne, aging skin, vein treatment, cool sculpting, Botox, restalyne, Juvederm injectables, light, and laser treatments, chemical peels and much more.

Most common of all the treatments offered in a med spa include skin-related procedures, specifically for acne, and all those directed towards improving the appearance of the skin.

While these are health services, some med spas also provide services similar to day spa like massage, facials, seaweed wraps, salt glows, and more.

A medspa is a place to get effective non-surgical cosmetic changes in the comfort and relaxing ambiance of a spa.

When you are just looking for non-surgical treatment and want to pamper yourself, especially for something related to your skin, a med spa can be the best option.

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