Best Visual Exercises for a Lazy Eye (Amblyopia)

Lazy eye (amblyopia)

The lazy eye which is also known as amblyopia occurs in 3 children out of a hundred. This condition occurs when your brain responds to one eye more than the other. It results when one eye is weaker or does not have clear visibility than the other one.

Experts say that the brain and both eyes should work together or it will result in a lazy eye. There are some other conditions too that can cause this condition, including untreated strabismus which is earmarked by having turned an eye. You can practice these exercises with a doctor online

Fortunately, eye exercises can benefit your vision to get rid of lazy eyes and other eye problems as you can strengthen your eye muscles by exercising.

Research says that these exercises train your brain and weaker eyes to work together. If you think that only eye exercise can fix this issue, it’s not true. You need to combine these exercises along with other techniques to correct the eye position.

Visual Exercises For Lazy Eye

Ophthalmologists often prescribe eye exercise as a part of many vision therapy treatment plans. Many eye conditions can be cured by combining eye exercise with other eye treatment plans. These conditions include amblyopia, strabismus, etc.

1. Coloring (within lines)

There is no age limit when it comes to coloring a book or a drawing. But children love to color in a coloring book. Make sure that your child color within lines. You should sit with your child and teach how to color within lines. It will help your children to focus and use both eyes to do the coloring work.

Give your children sharpened colored pencils and choose a coloring book with clear lines. Make sure that you teach your kids to color within lines.

But before this activity, do not forget to place an eye patch over your child’s eye.

2. Video games

Many video games are designed to play while wearing goggles. It is an effective technique to cure the lazy eye. This needs to be played with different targets. Every player should keep an eye on every single object. Everything seems different through goggles and involves both high and low contrast images.

The patchy eye should also be beneficial when your child plays the game as it helps lazy eyes.

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3. Brock String Exercise

Experts say that lazy eyes can be treated by trying to focus on an object with both eyes at the same time. A broken string or you can use a homemade version to exercise.

A fifteen feet long white string can help you to practice both eyes focus activities. You do not need an eye patch for this type of exercise.

All you need is to tie a loop on both ends of the brock string. You need to attach the string to one loop. Get help from a professional or a person who is an expert at this exercise.

4. Barrel Convergence Cards

Strabismus has one form of exotropia which can be treated with barrel convergence cards. You need to draw three red barrels on one side of the cards. Make sure that the size of the barrel should be increased toward the card bottom. Draw the same barrels on another side of the card.

Hold this card while it touches your nose. The next step is to stare at the barrel which is the largest one with both colors. The other will seem like double.

You need to count for five while gazing then move to smaller ones.

5. Reading 

No matter where you are, reading a book is a favorite hobby of many people. A book is a friend of yours and it helps you learn words and different things since your childhood.

Choosing the right book means that you can go in the right direction in your life with healthy tips and tricks. You should buy an age-appropriate book for your kid and patch over a stronger eye so your child will read a book with the lazy eye.

It will help to improve the focus ability of the other eye. Make sure that your kid reads the book for at least thirty minutes daily.

Final Thoughts

Experts also suggest surgery, eye drops, corrective eyeglasses, and eye patching for lazy eye treatment. Getting treatment earlier can help your child to grow with healthy working organs.

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