List Of Top 15 High Revenue Countries In Tourism Sector

High Revenue Countries In Tourism

Hey there, fellow globe trotter! Ever wondered which countries make the most bucks from tourism? Well, it turns out, the world of international tourism is quite an exciting space.

Countries are making billions of bucks out of tourism, and today, in this article we will discuss the top 15 highest earning countries in the tourism industry.

Each one of these countries are unique, offering experiences that are worth every penny spent. Let’s get started!

High Revenue Countries In Tourism Sector

1. USA – The Land of the Free and the Home of Diverse Experiences

Hold onto your hats, folks, because first up is the mighty USA, a country that has raked in a whopping $341.7 billion from tourism alone. Now, that’s an enormous number! But what’s behind this colossal figure? Let’s find out.

USA’s Magic Recipe for Tourism Success:

  • A Land for Every Taste: The USA is like a giant buffet of picturesque landscapes. Want sun, sea, and sand? Head to Florida. If it’s mountains that tickle your fancy, the Rockies are waiting. City vibes? New York and San Francisco have got you covered.
  • The Great American Melting Pot: You can’t talk about the USA without mentioning its incredible cultural diversity. Every city has its unique flair, rooted in a rich history of immigration. So, every visit offers a new cultural adventure.
  • Landmarks Galore: The USA is packed with iconic sights that we all dream of seeing. Think the Statue of Liberty, the Grand Canyon, or the Hollywood sign – these are bucket-list items!
  • The Land of Theme Parks: Disneyland, Universal Studios, you name it! The USA knows how to do theme parks right.
  • Shop ‘Til You Drop and Dine Like a King: Shopping and dining in the USA is an experience in itself. Whether you’re hunting for luxury brands or trying out street food, the USA has it all!

It’s clear to see why so many people flock to the USA each year. Whether you’re a thrill-seeker, a culture enthusiast, or a hardcore foodie, the USA has something to offer everyone.

2. France – The Romantic Heart of Europe

Ah, France! Just hearing the name conjures up images of art, fashion, and delicious food. This is a country that’s charmed its way to $136.9 billion in tourism revenue. So, what makes France such an alluring destination? Let’s dive in, shall we?

The French Touch in Tourism:

  • A Feast for the Eyes: From the breathtaking French Riviera to the stunning snow-covered Alps, France boasts a variety of natural beauty. Not to mention its cities and towns that look like they’ve jumped straight out of a storybook.
  • World-class Art and History: The French take their art seriously, and it shows! Home to the world-renowned Louvre and a host of other museums, France is a haven for art lovers. And let’s not forget the rich history, from royal châteaus to poignant war memorials.
  • A Foodie’s Paradise: Can we talk about French cuisine for a moment? The wine, the cheese, the pastries – it’s no wonder French food is celebrated worldwide.
  • Fashion Central: Paris is the fashion capital of the world. Walking down the streets, you’ll feel like you’re on a fashion runway.
  • Romance in the Air: France, and especially Paris, is synonymous with romance. The city of love has captured countless hearts with its charming streets and romantic landmarks like the Eiffel Tower.

So, it’s no wonder France continues to enchant visitors from around the globe. It’s a country that promises not just a trip, but an experience that stays with you long after you’ve returned home.

3. Spain – A Dance of Culture, History, and Sunshine

Next up is the sun-soaked land of Spain. Spain is a colorful fiesta that has entranced tourists to the tune of $132.7 billion. Wow, right? But what exactly does Spain offer that makes it a tourist hotspot? Let’s find out.

Spain’s Palette of Tourist Attractions:

  • Natural Beauty Galore: Spain is a geographic wonder, with everything from sparkling beaches and sun-kissed islands to majestic mountains and sprawling national parks.
  • Historic Charm: Spain’s history is as rich as it is diverse, with Roman ruins, Moorish castles, and Gothic cathedrals telling a story of a land steeped in time.
  • A Treat for the Tastebuds: Spanish cuisine is a flavorful fiesta in itself. Tapas, paella, gazpacho – you’ll be left craving more.
  • Vibrant Festivals: Spaniards know how to throw a party. Their calendar is filled with vibrant festivals like La Tomatina and the Running of the Bulls that draw tourists from all corners of the globe.
  • Artistic Masterpieces: Spain is the birthplace of many artistic geniuses like Picasso and Gaudí. A visit here offers the chance to see their incredible works up close.

So, there you have it! Spain isn’t just a country; it’s an experience, a celebration that leaves visitors with colorful memories.

4. The United Kingdom – A Blend of History and Modernity

Bearing the torch of history and modern innovation, the United Kingdom has secured its spot as a tourism heavyweight with an impressive revenue of $118.3 billion. But what exactly does the UK offer that has travelers coming back for more? Let’s take a closer look.

The British Charm in Tourism:

  • History Comes Alive: The UK is a paradise for history buffs. From royal palaces and ancient castles to historical landmarks like Stonehenge, history permeates every corner of this country.
  • City and Countryside: The bustling cities of London, Manchester, and Edinburgh offer a thrilling urban experience, while the countryside, with places like the Cotswolds and Lake District, offers tranquil, picturesque landscapes.
  • Cultural Diversity: The UK is a cultural melting pot. Each region, from England to Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, has a unique cultural heritage and local traditions.
  • Literary Legacy: The UK is the birthplace of many literary geniuses, including William Shakespeare, J.K. Rowling, and Jane Austen. Literary tours are a popular activity among visitors.
  • Pub Culture and Cuisine: British pubs are world-renowned, offering a cozy atmosphere, local ales, and delicious food. And who can forget the classic fish and chips?

With its rich history, stunning landscapes, and vibrant cities, it’s clear why the UK continues to be a top destination for travelers.

Next up, we’re heading to the Middle East to explore the United Arab Emirates’ thriving tourism industry. 

5. UAE – A Symphony of Tradition and Futurism

Riding high on a staggering tourism revenue of $97.4 billion, the UAE is a splendid fusion of ancient traditions and futuristic innovation. This glittering gem in the Middle East has a lot in store for its visitors. Let’s uncover the allure of the UAE.

The UAE’s Melange of Tourist Lures:

  • Sky-high Ambitions: The UAE is home to the world’s tallest skyscraper, the Burj Khalifa. The views from the top are simply out of this world, offering a panorama of the city’s architectural marvels.
  • Luxurious Lifestyle: The UAE, particularly Dubai, is synonymous with luxury. From seven-star hotels and high-end shopping to luxury spas and gourmet dining, it’s a world of opulence.
  • Desert Adventures: The UAE offers a taste of the traditional Bedouin lifestyle. Desert safaris, dune bashing, and camel rides are an unforgettable experience for any traveler.
  • Cultural Richness: Despite its modern outlook, the UAE deeply cherishes its traditions. The historic districts, mosques, and cultural festivals provide a glimpse into the Emirati way of life.
  • Futuristic Innovation: The UAE is a technological marvel, with initiatives like sustainable cities, AI integration, and even plans for Mars colonization. Visiting here is like stepping into the future!

The UAE, with its blend of tradition and modernity, truly provides an unmatched travel experience.

6. Italy – A Canvas of Art, History, and Gastronomic Delights

Globally known for its rich culture, timeless art, and divine cuisine, Italy has secured its place in the world of international tourism by drawing in a remarkable revenue of $94.6 billion. But what’s behind Italy’s enchanting appeal? Let’s unravel the magic of Italy.

The Italian Renaissance in Tourism:

  • An Open-Air Museum: Italy is packed with UNESCO World Heritage sites, historic cities, and famed landmarks. From Rome’s Colosseum to Florence’s Uffizi Gallery and the canals of Venice, the country is a treasure trove for art and history enthusiasts.
  • Culinary Paradise: The Italians take their food very seriously. Pizza, pasta, gelato, espresso – the list of mouthwatering delights is endless!
  • Breathtaking Landscapes: Italy’s geography is as diverse as it is beautiful. From the serene lakes of Lombardy and the rolling hills of Tuscany to the rugged cliffs of the Amalfi Coast, there’s a vista to suit every traveler.
  • Heart of Fashion: Italy, especially Milan, is globally recognized for its contributions to the fashion world. High-end boutiques, fashion weeks, and top-notch brands are part of Italy’s allure.
  • Rich Traditions and Warm Hospitality: The Italians are known for their hospitality and love for life (La Dolce Vita!). Festivals, family gatherings, and community celebrations are integral parts of the Italian lifestyle.

It’s no wonder that travelers find themselves returning to Italy time and again. The country offers not just a holiday, but a rich, immersive experience that warms the heart and nourishes the soul.

7. Australia – A Symphony of Natural Wonders and Urban Excitement

With its unique wildlife, stunning natural landscapes, and vibrant cities, Australia has charmed its way into the hearts of tourists, raking in an impressive $88.5 billion in tourism revenue. But what is it about Australia that makes it such a magnetic destination? Let’s dive deeper.

Australia’s Bounty of Tourist Attractions:

  • Extraordinary Wildlife: Australia is home to a variety of unique animals not found anywhere else in the world, such as kangaroos, koalas, and wombats. A trip to Australia wouldn’t be complete without a visit to a wildlife sanctuary.
  • Natural Splendors: From the Great Barrier Reef and the Daintree Rainforest to the rugged Outback and picturesque beaches, Australia is a dream come true for nature and adventure lovers.
  • Vibrant Cities: Australian cities are a fusion of modernity, cultural diversity, and entertainment. Sydney’s iconic Opera House, Melbourne’s arts scene, and Brisbane’s dynamic urban design are major draws for tourists.
  • Indigenous Culture: Australia has a rich Indigenous heritage. From art and music to folklore and spiritual traditions, Aboriginal culture offers a different perspective on the Australian experience.
  • World-class Wine: Australia’s wine regions produce some of the world’s best wines. Wine tasting tours are a popular activity for tourists, especially in regions like Barossa Valley and Margaret River.

Australia’s blend of natural beauty, unique wildlife, dynamic cities, and rich indigenous culture truly provides an unforgettable experience for its visitors.

8. Germany – A Blend of Historical Riches and Modern Wonders

Germany, renowned for its precision, historic sites, and innovative spirit, has won a special place in the hearts of tourists, contributing a massive $86.1 billion in tourism revenue. But what makes Germany stand out on the global tourism map? Let’s unravel the magic.

Germany’s Fascinating Tourist Attractions:

  • Historical Treasure Trove: Germany is steeped in history. With magnificent castles, grand palaces, and ancient ruins, it’s a history enthusiast’s playground. Notable sites include Neuschwanstein Castle, Berlin Wall remnants, and the ancient Roman monument, Porta Nigra.
  • Natural Beauty: From the rugged charm of the Black Forest to the romantic Rhine Valley and the awe-inspiring Alps, Germany is home to some spectacular natural landscapes.
  • Cultural Richness: Each region in Germany has its unique customs, dialects, and festivities. The vibrant Oktoberfest in Bavaria and the atmospheric Christmas markets are just two examples of the rich cultural experiences Germany offers.
  • Technological Innovation: Germany is a leader in technology and innovation. Tourists can explore the country’s progress through fascinating science and technology museums, such as the Deutsches Museum in Munich.
  • Culinary Delights: Germany’s hearty and diverse cuisine is another attraction. From bratwurst and pretzels to a world-class beer selection, Germany’s gastronomic scene is a delight for food lovers.

With its multifaceted attractions and unique experiences, it’s no wonder that Germany continues to be a hit among global tourists.

Next up, we’re headed to a land where East meets West, a vibrant cityscape dotted with minarets and modern architecture – let’s prepare to be captivated by Turkey. Stay tuned!

9. Turkey – A Harmonious Blend of Cultures and Civilizations

Lying at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, Turkey rakes in an impressive $74.2 billion in tourism revenue. But what makes Turkey an irresistible lure for globetrotters? Let’s peel back the layers of this enchanting country.

Turkey’s Charismatic Appeal to Tourists:

  • Historical Grandeur: Turkey is a living museum of various civilizations. From the Roman ruins in Ephesus to the Byzantine and Ottoman heritage in Istanbul, the country is a historian’s delight.
  • Natural Wonders: Turkey is blessed with incredible landscapes. Think of the ethereal “fairy chimneys” in Cappadocia, the travertine terraces of Pamukkale, or the gorgeous beaches along the Turquoise Coast.
  • Cultural Melting Pot: Turkey’s strategic location has made it a confluence of different cultures. You can witness this in its music, dance, and a plethora of festivals celebrated year-round.
  • Delectable Cuisine: Turkish cuisine is one of the most celebrated in the world. From the famous Turkish kebabs to the sweet delight of baklava and the iconic Turkish tea, the country’s food scene is a gastronomic adventure.
  • Vibrant Bazaars: Shopping in Turkey is an experience in itself. The vibrant bazaars, like Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar, offer everything from spices and ceramics to carpets and jewelry.
  • Warm Turkish Hospitality: The Turkish people are renowned for their hospitality. Visitors often speak of the warm welcomes they receive and the friendships they forge here.

Turkey’s vibrant blend of history, culture, and beautiful landscapes make it a unique destination that offers something for everyone.

10. Macao – An Exotic Blend of East and West

A unique fusion of Portuguese and Chinese cultures, Macao has successfully carved out its place in the world of tourism with an astounding revenue of $64.7 billion. What is it that makes Macao a magnet for tourists? Let’s discover.

Macao’s Unforgettable Tourist Attractions:

  • A Gamblers’ Paradise: Often called the ‘Vegas of the East’, Macao is famous for its massive casinos and vibrant nightlife. The Cotai Strip is home to some of the world’s most extravagant casinos.
  • Rich Cultural Heritage: Macao’s historic center, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is a testimony to the city’s unique cultural blend. Attractions like the Ruins of St. Paul’s and Senado Square can’t be missed.
  • Gastronomic Delights: Macanese cuisine is a delightful mix of Portuguese and Chinese influences. From the iconic Portuguese egg tart to African chicken, it’s a food lover’s dream come true.
  • Spectacular Shows: From the mesmerizing water show at the City of Dreams to the heart-pounding stunts at the House of Dancing Water, Macao offers world-class entertainment.
  • Shopping Extravaganza: Whether you’re looking for high-end designer goods or local souvenirs, Macao’s numerous shopping centers and markets have got you covered.
  • Thrilling Adventure: The Macau Tower offers adrenaline junkies the chance to experience the world’s highest bungee jump. Not for the faint-hearted, but definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Macao’s unique blend of cultural heritage, vibrant entertainment, and exotic cuisine creates an experience that’s hard to match.

11. China – A Tapestry of Ancient Wisdom and Modern Innovation

China, the world’s most populous country, is a fascinating mix of history and forward-thinking modernity. With a whopping $57.1 billion in tourism revenue, it’s clear that China has a lot to offer. So, what makes China a must-visit destination? Let’s delve in.

China’s Engrossing Tourist Attractions:

  • Historical Marvels: China’s rich history is captured in its grand historical sites. The Great Wall, the Forbidden City, the Terracotta Army – these iconic sites narrate stories of ancient dynasties and civilizations.
  • Natural Wonders: From the surreal landscape of Zhangjiajie (inspiration for Avatar’s floating mountains) to the tranquil beauty of the Li River and Jiuzhaigou Valley, China’s natural beauty is awe-inspiring.
  • Culinary Adventure: Chinese cuisine is as diverse as the country itself. Whether it’s the spicy Szechuan dishes, Peking duck from Beijing, or dumplings from Shanghai, food is an integral part of the travel experience here.
  • Modern Metropolises: Cities like Shanghai and Shenzhen symbolize China’s rapid modernization with their skyscrapers, high-speed trains, and futuristic architecture.
  • Cultural Experiences: China’s traditional arts, including calligraphy, martial arts, tea ceremonies, and opera, offer deep insights into the country’s culture.
  • Festivals: Chinese festivals, like Chinese New Year and Mid-Autumn Festival, are vibrant celebrations that blend traditions and communal spirit, offering tourists a glimpse into Chinese culture.

From ancient sites to modern cities, and tranquil landscapes to vibrant festivals, China offers a multifaceted travel experience that caters to all kinds of travelers.

Our journey doesn’t end here. Next, we’re heading to a country known for its breathtaking landscapes and friendly locals. We’re taking off to Canada! Stay with us.

12. Canada – The Jewel of the North

A melting pot of cultures set against a backdrop of stunning natural beauty, Canada has secured its position as a major tourist hotspot with $56.4 billion in tourism revenue. So, what makes Canada such a beloved destination? Let’s find out.

Canada’s Captivating Tourist Experiences:

  • Natural Wonders: Canada’s natural beauty is nothing short of mesmerizing. From the iconic Niagara Falls to the ethereal Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) in Yukon, and from the majestic Rocky Mountains to the picturesque lakes of Banff National Park, it’s a nature lover’s paradise.
  • Vibrant Cities: Canadian cities such as Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, and Quebec City are bustling hubs of culture, gastronomy, and nightlife. Each city has its unique charm, offering everything from modern architecture to historic sites.
  • Culinary Delights: Canada’s food scene is as diverse as its population. From poutine and butter tarts to tourtière and Nanaimo bars, Canadian cuisine is a rich tapestry of flavors.
  • Cultural Diversity: Canada is a multicultural country, with influences from around the globe. This diversity is reflected in its festivals, music, art, and even neighborhoods like Toronto’s Kensington Market.
  • Outdoor Activities: With its vast wilderness, Canada is perfect for outdoor adventures. Hiking, canoeing, skiing, whale watching – you name it, Canada has it.
  • Canadian Warmth and Politeness: Canadians are known for their friendly and polite demeanor. This hospitality makes the travel experience even more enjoyable.

Whether it’s the allure of vibrant cities, the charm of untouched wilderness, or the warmth of its people, Canada offers an unforgettable travel experience.

13. Mexico – A Symphony of Colors, Flavors, and Heritage

From vibrant festivals to sunny beaches, and from ancient ruins to mouthwatering cuisine, Mexico, generating a substantial tourism revenue of $55.4 billion, serves as an alluring travel destination. What is it that makes Mexico so captivating? Let’s unearth the secrets.

Mexico’s Mesmerizing Tourist Attractions:

  • Historical Treasures: Mexico’s rich history is encapsulated in its numerous archaeological sites. The imposing Mayan pyramids of Chichen Itza and the ancient city of Teotihuacan are stunning reminders of Mexico’s past civilizations.
  • Breathtaking Beaches: With its expansive coastline, Mexico is home to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. Cancun, Playa del Carmen, and Tulum, to name a few, are the perfect spots for sun, surf, and sand.
  • Culinary Journey: Mexican cuisine, a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage, offers a fiesta of flavors. From tacos and tamales to tequila and mezcal, food and drink play a significant role in the Mexican experience.
  • Vibrant Festivals: Mexicans know how to celebrate life. The Day of the Dead (Día de los Muertos) and Cinco de Mayo are colorful and joyous celebrations, reflecting the country’s cultural richness.
  • Artistic Heritage: Mexico’s art scene is thriving. From the murals of Diego Rivera to the folk art traditions of Oaxaca, the country’s artistic output is as vibrant as its culture.
  • Natural Wonders: Whether it’s the crystal-blue waters of the cenotes or the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve, Mexico’s diverse ecosystems offer countless opportunities for exploration and adventure.

Mexico’s rich cultural heritage, stunning natural beauty, and spirited celebrations make it a destination that resonates with travelers long after they’ve left.

14. Portugal – A Treasure Trove of History, Culture, and Natural Beauty

A compact yet diverse country, Portugal is a stunning blend of past and present, natural and man-made wonders. Raking in an impressive $41.2 billion in tourism revenue, Portugal is surely a destination worth considering. So, what makes Portugal such an enchanting place? Let’s find out.

Portugal’s Fascinating Tourist Attractions:

  • Historical and Architectural Wonders: Portugal’s cities are rich in history and architectural beauty. The capital, Lisbon, charms visitors with its pastel-colored buildings and quaint trams. Porto’s Ribeira district, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is another must-visit.
  • Beach Paradise: Portugal’s Algarve region is famous for its golden sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, and spectacular cliffs. The region is perfect for sun-seekers and water sports enthusiasts alike.
  • Portuguese Gastronomy: Portuguese cuisine is a delectable mix of sea and land. From seafood dishes like bacalhau to meaty delights like Francesinha, there’s plenty to savor. And let’s not forget the pastel de nata, Portugal’s iconic custard tart.
  • Wine Culture: Portugal is one of the world’s top wine-producing countries. A visit to the vineyards of the Douro Valley and tasting Port wine in Porto is a must-do for wine lovers.
  • Nature’s Bounty: Whether it’s the volcanic landscapes of the Azores, the lush greenery of the Peneda-Gerês National Park, or the dramatic cliffs of Cabo da Roca, Portugal offers stunning natural vistas.
  • Festivals and Fado: Portugal’s festivals, like Lisbon’s São João Festival, offer a fun-filled insight into local culture. Also, a visit to a Fado house for a night of soulful music is an experience not to be missed.

Whether you’re a history buff, a foodie, a nature lover, or a beachgoer, Portugal caters to all.

15. Greece – A Magical Mosaic of History, Beauty, and Gastronomy

Greece, with its awe-inspiring ancient sites, sun-drenched islands, and delectable cuisine, managed to bring in $37.7 billion in tourism revenue. What makes Greece such a magnet for travelers? Let’s uncover the allure of this Mediterranean jewel.

Greece’s Engaging Tourist Attractions:

  • Historical and Architectural Marvels: Greece is a historian’s dream. From the iconic Parthenon in Athens to the ancient site of Delphi and the medieval city of Rhodes, Greece’s historical sites are astonishingly well-preserved.
  • Island Hopping: Greece’s islands are a world of their own. The white-washed buildings of Santorini, the lively beaches of Mykonos, and the tranquility of Crete, each island offers a unique experience.
  • Greek Gastronomy: Greek cuisine, characterized by its simple yet flavorful dishes, is a culinary delight. Traditional dishes like moussaka, souvlaki, tzatziki, and a variety of fresh seafood make Greece a food lover’s paradise.
  • Wine and Ouzo: Greece is known for its local spirits. Whether it’s the robust wines or the anise-flavored ouzo, a sip of these beverages is a must when in Greece.
  • Natural Wonders: From the stunning beaches to the Samaria Gorge in Crete and the unique rock formations of Meteora, Greece’s diverse landscapes cater to all sorts of adventurers.
  • Vibrant Festivals and Nightlife: Greek festivals, like the Apokries (Carnival) and Easter, offer a glimpse into the local culture. Also, the nightlife, especially in Athens and Mykonos, is legendary.

With its mix of historical sites, beautiful islands, and vibrant culture, Greece is a destination that offers a unique and unforgettable experience for every kind of traveler.


Traveling gives us the extraordinary opportunity to immerse ourselves in various cultures, enjoy diverse landscapes, tantalize our taste buds with unique cuisines, and make memories that last a lifetime.

Whether it’s the star-spangled skyscrapers in the USA, the romantic allure of France, the historic charm of the UK, the serene beaches of Spain, or the architectural marvels of Italy, each destination offers its own unique blend of experiences.

So, when you are planning your next vacation, consider these destinations that have not only captured the hearts of travelers around the world but also significantly contributed to the global tourism revenue.

Remember, the world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page. So, pack your bags, mark your maps, and get ready to collect experiences and memories. There’s a whole world out there, waiting to be explored!

Here’s to hoping our journey through the top-grossing countries in international tourism has been informative and inspiring. Safe travels!

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