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50 Most Common Last Names In United States of America (USA)

Will Smith

There’s a rich tapestry of diverse cultures, histories, and traditions that has shaped America. One compelling way to witness this diversity is through the range of last names present across the country.

Many carry fascinating stories – from the work our ancestors did, the places they lived in, to their personal characteristics.

Here in this article we are with the list of the 50 most common last names in United States of America.

Most Common Last Names In USA

  1. Smith
  2. Johnson
  3. Williams
  4. Brown
  5. Jones
  6. Garcia
  7. Miller
  8. Davis
  9. Rodriguez
  10. Martinez
  11. Hernandez
  12. Lopez
  13. Gonzalez
  14. Wilson
  15. Anderson
  16. Thomas
  17. Taylor
  18. Moore
  19. Jackson
  20. Martin
  21. Lee
  22. Perez
  23. Thompson
  24. White
  25. Harris
  26. Sanchez
  27. Clark
  28. Ramirez
  29. Lewis
  30. Robinson
  31. Walker
  32. Young
  33. Allen
  34. King
  35. Wright
  36. Scott
  37. Torres
  38. Nguyen
  39. Hill
  40. Flores
  41. Green
  42. Adams
  43. Nelson
  44. Baker
  45. Hall
  46. River
  47. Campbell
  48. Mitchell
  49. Carter
  50. Roberts

Each name holds a unique narrative, and offers a glimpse into the rich blend of cultures and histories that make up the United States. Next time you meet a Smith or a Nguyen, a Garcia or a Wilson, there’s a story of heritage waiting to be shared.

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