Here Is Why You Should Switch To E-cigarettes

Woman smoking e-cigarettes

An Electronic Cigarette is a battery-operated device that emits doses of vaporized nicotine, a non-nicotine solution, for the user to inhale. It aims to provide a similar sensation to inhaling tobacco smoke, without the smoke.

  • E-cigarettes aim to resemble cigarettes, but without burning tobacco.
  • They are sold as aids to reduce or quit smoking, and some people find them helpful for this.

As the user sucks on the mouthpiece a sensor activates a heating element that vaporizes a flavored, liquid solution held in the mouthpiece.

E-cigarette Benefits

For smokers, there are several benefits to making the switch to e-cigarettes. This includes health benefits, financial benefits, social benefits.

1. Goodbye Cough

The first health benefit many smokers notice after switching to e-cigarette is that the continuing or permanent cough disappears. This is because the harsh toxic present in cigarette smoke damages the back of your throat, and the use of e-cigarettes disappear the cough.

2. Improved Taste

 Research has since confirmed that with the use of smoking the taste sense diminishes, it seems like cigarettes smoke flattens your taste buds, reducing their sensitivity. When you quit smoking and start e-cigarettes, your blood circulation improves.

3. Breath Easily

Toxins present in tobacco cigarettes give your lungs a hard time, and you can’t easily breathe. This is because a salt of hydrocyanic acid prevents your lungs from cleaning themselves out in an ordinary way.

This toxic also cause your lungs to swell. With the e-cigarettes, there is no hydrogen cyanide and no toxins, so your lungs can repair themselves.

4. No Second Risk

One of the most upsetting elements of smoking is the risk it poses to other people in the same area because it has dangerous toxins.

On the other hand, e-cigarettes don’t contain dangerous toxins, and there is absolutely low risk to those in the same room. So, you can enjoy nicotine without the guilt.

5. Cheaper than Cigarettes

E-cigarettes are cheaper than a cigarette, you will find that you get around 20 cigarettes per cartridge, So the saving is evident, for the cost of 20-40 tobacco cigarettes worth of nicotine, you can get the equivalent of 100 with e-cigarettes.

6. Cheaper Life Insurance

Smoking is the leading cause of preventable death, so it drives up the cost of your life insurance. Using e-cigarettes is vaping, not smoking, and the lack of associated dangers makes for cheaper insurance.

7. No Smell

You won’t emit the strong smell of cigarette smoke anymore. The E-cigarette has no smell because of the light flavor in the cartridge and nothing else. No smoke smell in clothes, no smell in furniture, or no bad breath.

8. No Ash

With the use of e-cigarettes, you don’t need an ashtray and you won’t make a mess likewise, there are no butts to dispose of.

9. Stay Inside

E-cigarettes don’t create smoke, and therefore exempt from most smoking bans. No more standing outside a room in the rain to get your nicotine.

10. No Accidental Burns

There is no fire with e-cigarettes, so there is no danger exist of fire, unlike cigarettes there is always a danger of catching fire because the cigarette has burning material, and there are butts in the cigarettes that need to dispose of if these butts drop on carpet or other clothes it will catch fire.

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