Top 10 Mom Influencers In India 2024 On Instagram To Follow 

Moms are incredible. They put their heart into everything, whether it’s caring for their families, working, or anything else. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the top mom influencers in India in 2024 who are making a big splash on social media.  

These influencers inspire many new moms by breaking old rules about parenting and starting new trends with their courage.

If you’re a new mom and want fun stuff to see on Instagram, be sure to save this article before you scroll down to find our amazing mom influencers. 

Mom Inflencers in india

10. Vatsala Mittan Jain 

Becoming a mom blogger may seem easy at first, but rising to become a top mom influencer in India by 2024, who is adored by many, is no small feat – yet Vatsala made it seem effortless.

If you take a peek at her Instagram profile, you’ll quickly notice her impressive presentation skills. Vatsala possesses a natural wit, she isn’t afraid to speak her mind, and her exceptional intelligence is evident in the content she shares.

These qualities make her stand out in the crowded space of social media influencers, garnering her a loyal and enthusiastic following. 

9. Nikita Kothari 

Nikita is a lifestyle blogger who enjoys writing about parenting. She tells stories about being pregnant and how she helps her daughter grow up.  

Nikita likes to give her daughter nice things without spending too much money. Her Instagram has lots of different posts about fashion, beauty, life, and travel.  

Nikita’s colorful pictures catch the eye of her followers, inspiring them to be themselves and have fun. People really like Nikita’s friendly personality and happy messages, and they always look forward to her next post. 

8. Bhavya Talsaniya Gandhi 

Bhavya is a mother of two who is very active on Instagram. She loves creating reels on various topics, especially parenting. If you’re looking to become a mom influencer in India, watching her content can be really helpful in many ways.  

Bhavya Talsaniya Gandhi is well-known on Instagram for her diverse posts covering fashion, beauty, lifestyle, travel, and wellness. Her profile is full of interesting content that reflects her lively personality and passion for life.  

Bhavya inspires her followers to try new things and embrace self-care. With her down-to-earth approach and genuine interactions, Bhavya has built a supportive community of followers who eagerly anticipate her posts and actively engage with her discussions and activities. 

7. Ekta Makhija 

Ekta, a mother to a young son, is expecting another baby. She openly discusses parenting topics such as communication with children and selecting the right school for them.  

Additionally, Ekta shares insights on fashion and lifestyle for mothers on her Instagram account. If you’re an expecting mom seeking inspiring content, be sure to check out Ekta’s profile.  

As a popular Instagram influencer, Ekta Makhija covers a wide array of topics including fashion, beauty, lifestyle, travel, and food. Her posts reflect her enthusiasm for trying new experiences and sharing them with her followers.  

Ekta’s genuine and relatable personality resonates with her audience, making them eagerly anticipate her updates and actively engage in discussions she initiates. 

6. Aditi Bhatia 

Aditi, the mother of the adorable Rihanna, loves experimenting with her content on Instagram, covering everything from kids’ fashion to skincare for moms.  

Known as the “curvy mom” on the platform, she also promotes plus-size representation and body positivity through her posts. 

5. Roopal Sharad Bajaj 

If you believe in gentle parenting and need tips for toddlers, follow Roopal. She’s one of India’s top mom influencers in 2024. Her recent post about improving conversations with your child has impressed many parents on Instagram.  

Roopal communicates with her followers in a remarkable way. She explains parenting issues simply and gives perfect solutions. Roopal Sharad Bajaj is known on Instagram for her interesting posts.  

She talks about fashion, beauty, lifestyle, travel, and wellness. Roopal’s profile shows her excitement for life and trying new things.  

Her posts inspire followers to express themselves and enjoy life. Roopal has created a supportive community of followers who eagerly wait for her updates and engage with her content genuinely. 

4. Dr. Nimrata Bindra 

Another essential addition to our list of Indian mom influencers is Dr. Nimrata Bindra, a mother of two. On her Instagram profile, she shares stunning content featuring her daughters.  

Whether it’s showcasing Diwali decorations or endorsing child-friendly brands, she consistently wows her followers with her exceptional parenting content.

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3. Papri Ganguly 

Papri Ganguly has garnered a large following on Instagram due to her insightful parenting and motherhood content. She possesses exceptional skills in addressing everyday parenting challenges, not only through videos but also by offering practical suggestions.  

Papri pays close attention to genuine problems faced by today’s parents. As a top fashion influencer based in Kolkata, India, she excels in creating branded content.  

From food to skincare products, she is particularly passionate about baby-related items. Explore her Instagram profile to discover more about her diverse interests and engaging content.  

Papri’s authentic approach and genuine interactions have fostered a supportive community of followers who eagerly anticipate her updates and actively engage with her content. 

2. Kabir 

Kabir is a young Instagram star who is helped by his mom to run his account. They share helpful advice for parents, tips for interacting well with kids, and stories about their daily life.  

Their goal is to help and encourage other parents through their posts. Kabir’s Instagram has become really popular, especially among parents who are looking for guidance, making him a well-known figure in the parenting community on Instagram. 

1. Ami Desai 

Ami is among the top mom influencers in India for 2024. Alongside parenting content, she also shares about beauty, lifestyle, and travel on Instagram.  

Her son is now 10 years old, and she often talks about her motherhood experiences and challenges on her profile. If you enjoy parenting content on Instagram, you should definitely follow Ami.  

She posts about beauty, fashion, lifestyle, and travel. Her profile includes makeup tutorials, fashion advice, product reviews, and glimpses into her daily life.  

Ami focuses on spreading positivity and promoting self-care, aiming to inspire her followers to feel confident and beautiful. Her relatable personality and engaging posts have earned her a dedicated following on Instagram. 

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