What Prevents you from Attracting Men's Attention

This set of negative meta-programs that we leave you below, help to find the “enemy” within the woman that prevents attracting interest from men. We describe a set of possible behaviors that can bring us closer to understanding why it sometimes costs us to attract attention from a man. We recommend reading it with a dose of humor. Only by knowing the enemy, we can win it.

1. Being negative

When all the attention is concentrated only on what is not right in her and in her life. That’s called – having complexes. Negative women, automatically, constantly get lost in how bad everything is. They complain about earning little money, having a boring job, the silly ones who are their friends, problems of all kinds, desperation, etc.

What Prevents you from Attracting Men's Attention 1

Thus a woman, in every sense of the word, “drowns” in the sea of ​​her own negativity. She, without stopping, analyzes and turns in her head the negative things that worry her or comments with her friends. The worst thing is that when she tries to show that everything is OK, drawing a smile on her face – nothing comes out, since her non-verbal gestures reveal in reality.

The others, especially the men, realize immediately that this woman smells of negativity and that her life is chaotic. And who wants to add more negativity to their lives? That is why man loses interest quickly.

2. Fixation and obsession with itself.

The woman who had already experienced the frustrations in love often has obsession with herself. Having negative experiences with men begins to make excessive demands. She believes that man “should“. The relationship is basically concentrated only on what, according to her, man must: give flowers, make gifts, wants his attention 24 hours, to take care of her and show her devotion for her. She takes a man as the source of all kinds of goods, but she does not have a real relationship with him.

What Prevents you from Attracting Men's Attention 6

This woman only thinks about being well at man’s expense, in order to, psychologically, compensate all the bad things for what she has already done in her life. She is indifferent to the tastes, habits and intentions of man. His request: “do everything so that I am well” repels the interest of man, because who will want to build a relationship with an egoist?

3. The problems.

Each new day brings new problems. Women who do not know how to attract attention from men, do not know how to solve their problems. Today the problem is few gains, tomorrow – not being able to organize her days of rest, past – not being able to buy what she wants. She thinks that it is the man who must solve all his problems. That is why she thinks she needs a man in her life. Consider that the man is the assistant in solving problems and is not a free Being, a person.  

What Prevents you from Attracting Men's Attention 3

4. Little energy.

To be sexy is not enough to repeat every morning, when you get up, the mantra “I’m sexy”. Sexuality – it’s energy. To radiate sexuality you have to raise the tone of your physical body’s energy. Women who repel men’s attention are physically inactive. They do not play sports, they do not go to the gym, they do not dance, they do not go running, they do not go for walks either. 

They are physically passive, so their energy is low. And as a consequence, sexuality is low too. And where sexuality is absent, the interest of man also absent. 

What Prevents you from Attracting Men's Attention 4

 5. Little flexibility.

Sometimes men notice them, they even talk to them and then they go away, why? 

Because they do not know how to play their cards in these situations, men lose interest and move away. 

6. They do not know how to praise:

For the man it is very important to have approval of his acts and to show a sincere interest in his person. A compliment, or at least, some sincere words with emotion can melt the coldest heart.  

7. They do not know how to give seductive looks:

The look – it is one of the main weapons of seduction, even from the ancient. If a woman does not know how to attract the interest of a man, it is because she does not know how to use her gaze. 

What Prevents you from Attracting Men's Attention 5

8. Seriousness:

If a woman does not smile and shows serious in a conversation with a man that conveys that she is closed to meet someone and does not try to sympathize or like anyone. And that man translates it as “red light” and “stop”, so he stops being interested in it.