30 Best Couple Photo Poses

Couple Photo Poses

As a photographer when you’re in a couple’s photoshoot you must be able to sense the mood of your subjects and be able to stir emotions and show the beauty in the photograph.

Photographers must think of the various photoshoot concepts, come up with adorable poses that are new, and encourage people to express themselves on the camera.

Choosing the correct poses can be more difficult than most photographers initially think. If you are shooting couples then you must follow few basic couple poses to ensure that they look at their best.

However, you must remember these rules when shooting couples but you must also be aware of how they interact with each other.

In this article let’s take a look at the best couples photo poses to capture stunning moments.

Best Couple Photo Poses

1. Foreheads Touch

Source- Pinterest

2. Lift her at the beach


3. Make the heart shape with both your hands

Source: Google

4. Lift her on the lap

5. Hugging and looking at each other

Source– Click Love Grow

6. Hold her weist pose

Source– Pinterest

7. Sit together holding hands & look at the camera

Source- The Dating Divas

8. Do anything silly and have fun looking at the camera

Source– Motif Photos

9. Hug her from behind and pose for “Forever Together”

Source– Pinterest

10. Nose Touch at the seashore at the time of sunset

Source- Oahu Pro Photography

11. Lean on The Other Person’s Shoulder and Look at Something interesting

Source– Unsplash

12. Sit on your knees and hold her hand in the “promise to her” pose


13. Sit on the Other Person’s Lap

Source– Pinterest

14. Twirl Pose

Source– Pixelworks Photography

15. Look at each other Under an Umbrella

16. Lean on his shoulder and smile together

Source– Pixpa

17. Look at each other & smile together while lying on the bed

Source– Pinterest

18. Sit on the stairs and Look at each other’s eyes

Source– Quora

19. Holding Her Pose


20. Piggyback pose

Source– Pixpa

21. Hugging and looking at the camera

Source– Pinterest

22. Make her sit & stand beside her and look elegantly at the camera

Source– The Handmade Craft

23. Laugh together leaning at each other avoiding the camera

Source– Pinterest

24. Dance Like No One Is Watching

Source– Pyaari Weddings

25. Lift Her And Look At Each other’s Face

Source– Pinterest

26. Looking into the distance together

Source– 500px Blog

27. Hug From Behind

Source– Pinterest

28. By Your Side Pose

Source– Pinterest

29. Place your hand on his and look together at the hands

Source– Pinterest

30. Lie Next to Each Other on a Bed or Picnic Blanket

Source– Picsy

The above mentioned are the 30 best photo poses for couples. If you are a couple and read this article, let us know your favourite couple pose in the comment section.

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