Top 10 Best Online Therapy Services

Online Therapy Services

Online therapy services have revolutionized mental health care by offering easy access to professional counseling, often at more affordable rates than traditional in-person therapy.

These Online Therapy platforms provide a convenient and secure way to connect with licensed therapists via video chat, phone calls, or text messaging.

With an increasing number of people seeking mental health support, we have compiled a list of the top 10 best online therapy services.

Best Online Therapy Services

1. BetterHelp

CEO: Alon Matas
Headquarters: Sunnyvale, California, USA
Revenue: $700 million

Founded in 2013 by Alon Matas, BetterHelp is a pioneer in the online therapy industry. The platform offers convenient access to licensed therapists via video chat, phone calls, or text messaging.

BetterHelp’s extensive network of over 20,000 licensed professionals includes psychologists, marriage and family therapists, clinical social workers, and board-certified counselors.

The platform offers a personalized matching process, ensuring that clients are paired with therapists best suited to address their specific needs. BetterHelp also provides financial aid for those who qualify, making mental health care more accessible.

2. Talkspace

CEO: Oren Frank
Headquarters: New York City, New York, USA
Revenue: $250 million

Talkspace, founded by Oren Frank in 2012, offers a wide range of therapy services, including individual, couples, and psychiatric care. With over 5,000 licensed therapists, clients can engage in therapy sessions via video, audio, or text messaging.

Talkspace’s standout feature is its unlimited messaging therapy plan, which allows clients to send text, audio, or video messages to their therapists whenever they need support.

This innovative approach to therapy helps clients maintain a constant connection with their mental health professional.

3. Amwell

CEO: Ido Schoenberg
Headquarters: Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Revenue: $230 million

Amwell, founded in 2006 by Ido Schoenberg, is a telemedicine company offering a wide range of healthcare services, including online therapy. The platform connects clients with licensed therapists and psychiatrists for mental health support via video chat.

Amwell stands out for its comprehensive approach to healthcare, providing access to primary care physicians and specialists in addition to mental health professionals. This holistic approach allows for more integrated and efficient care for clients.


CEO: Charles Jones
Headquarters: Miramar, Florida, USA
Revenue: $200 million

MDLIVE, established in 2009 by Charles Jones, is a telehealth platform providing access to medical and behavioral health professionals. Clients can engage in therapy sessions with licensed therapists and psychiatrists through video chat or phone calls.

MDLIVE’s team of mental health professionals specialize in various fields, such as addiction, depression, anxiety, and trauma. The platform also offers psychiatric services for medication management.


CEO: Linda Janisch
Headquarters: London, United Kingdom
Revenue: $90 million, founded by Linda Janisch in 2009, provides a unique approach to online therapy by combining cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) with innovative technology.

The platform offers a comprehensive CBT program, including worksheets, journals, and an activity planner.

Clients are paired with a dedicated therapist who provides feedback and support through a secure messaging system. also offers yoga and meditation videos to supplement therapy sessions.

6. Pride Counseling

CEO: Alon Matas
Headquarters: Sunnyvale, California, USA
Revenue: $75 million

Pride Counseling, a subsidiary of BetterHelp, was established in 2017 to cater specifically to the LGBTQ+ community.

The platform connects clients with licensed therapists who specialize in LGBTQ+ issues and have a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by this community.

Pride Counseling offers therapy sessions via video chat, phone calls, or text messaging, ensuring convenience and accessibility for clients. Like BetterHelp, Pride Counseling also offers financial aid to those who qualify.

7. 7 Cups

CEO: Glen Moriarty
Headquarters: Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA
Revenue: $50 million

7 Cups, founded by Glen Moriarty in 2013, offers a unique blend of professional therapy and peer support. The platform provides access to licensed therapists via video chat, phone calls, or text messaging.

Additionally, 7 Cups offers a vast network of trained volunteer listeners who provide free emotional support to individuals in need.

The platform also features community forums and group chat rooms, fostering a sense of connection and support among users.

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8. Regain

CEO: Alon Matas
Headquarters: Sunnyvale, California, USA
Revenue: $40 million

Regain, another subsidiary of BetterHelp, specializes in online couples therapy. Established in 2016, the platform connects couples with licensed therapists experienced in relationship counseling.

Couples can participate in therapy sessions together or individually via video chat, phone calls, or text messaging.

Regain aims to provide accessible, flexible, and affordable relationship counseling for couples seeking to improve their communication and strengthen their bond.

9. eTherapyPro

CEO: Douglas Weiss
Headquarters: Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA
Revenue: $30 million

Founded by Dr. Douglas Weiss in 2016, eTherapyPro offers online therapy services for individuals seeking support for mental health concerns.

Clients are matched with licensed therapists based on their specific needs, and sessions can be conducted via video chat, phone calls, or text messaging.

eTherapyPro stands out for its emphasis on client-therapist compatibility, offering a free initial consultation to ensure a strong therapeutic connection.

10. TeenCounseling

CEO: Alon Matas
Headquarters: Sunnyvale, California, USA
Revenue: $25 million

TeenCounseling, founded in 2018 as a subsidiary of BetterHelp, focuses on providing online therapy services to teenagers aged 13-19.

The platform connects teens with licensed therapists experienced in addressing adolescent mental health concerns.

Therapy sessions can be conducted through video chat, phone calls, or text messaging, offering a convenient and accessible solution for busy teens.

TeenCounseling also allows parents to be involved in their child’s therapy, ensuring a supportive and comprehensive approach to mental health care.


With the growing demand for accessible and affordable mental health support, online therapy services have become increasingly popular.

These 10 online therapy platforms listed above offer a diverse range of services, ensuring that individuals and families can find the support they need in a convenient and secure manner.

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