Best Websites to Watch Cartoons Online

Watch Cartoons Online

With advanced technology, a significant number of cartoons are getting popular day by day but many cartoons do not get streamed on cartoon channels.

There are many websites available on the internet to watch cartoons online. Some of those sites are free, and for some sites, you have to pay. In this article, we will discuss the list of best websites to watch cartoons online.  

Websites To Watch Cartoons Online

1. Disney Hotstar 

Disney Hotstar is one of the most popular websites for children and cartoon lovers. You can watch some exciting cartoon shows on this website such as Frozen, Finding Dory, The Lion Guard, Zootropolis, and many more. It is one of the best websites to watch cartoons online.

2. Cartoonito

Cartoonito is the best website for kids as it provides entertaining, funny, and light educational videos. These videos are best suitable for pre-school children.

On this website, you can see many educational and entertaining cartoon shows. This website also offers extra types of entertainment that include songs, games, and activities. 

3. Disney Junior

The subject line of this website is “where the magic begins”. If you want to watch cartoons with a Disney character like Donald Duck or Mickey Mouse, then this website will be the perfect choice for you. Just tap on your favorite cartoon character and start watching your favorite cartoon shows.

4. GoGo Anime

It is also another popular website to watch cartoons online for free. On the homepage of this website, you can find all the recently released cartoon series.

If you want to watch the cartoons of your interest, then you can find them from the cartoon list. GoGo Anime is considered one of the best websites to watch anime and cartoons online. 

5. Anime Toon

This website is an excellent site for watching cartoons online without paying any money. On this website, you can watch dubbed anime and cartoon shows.

You can also find your favorite cartoon shows by their genre such as adventure, action, crime, comedy, family, drama, food, fantasy, horror, etc.

6. Nickelodeon

Nickelodeon is also another free website that streams cartoon shows online. Just open the website and start watching cartoon shows such as Jimmy Neutron, Spongebob, Monster Machines, and Avatar, Blaze, etc.  

7. Fox

Fox is one of the most popular websites, to watch cartoons online. This channel also broadcasts the shows on television. This channel has introduced many series such as The Simpsons, Family Guy, Bob’s Burgers, etc.

If you like these cartoon shows, you can watch them on the official website of the Fox channel. On this website

8. Anime Planet

If you are an anime lover, then Anime-Planet is the perfect place where you can enjoy your favourite anime. Here you can search your favourite cartoon shows by characters or manga recommendations. After signing up, you ca

n create a list of your favourite cartoon shows that you would like to see later.  

9. SuperCartoons

SuperCartoons offers more than a thousand classic cartoons for free. On SuperCartoons, you can watch old animated Disney cartoons such as Looney Tunes, Mickey Mouse, Tom & Jerry, Road Runner, Pink Panther, Daffy Duck, Goofy, Tweety, Porky Pig, etc.

Users can also watch cartoons from their favorite cartoon studios such as Disney, Warner Bros, Walt Disney, MGM, Paramount Pictures, Columbia Pictures, etc.

10. Side Reel

This is another top site for watching cartoons online where users can watch cartoon shows like South Park, The Simpsons, Family Guy, and more. SideReel offers recommendation-based cartoon shows. This website has an app for iOS users.


The above mentioned are the top websites to watch cartoons online. Hopefully, the above information will be beneficial to you for watching your favorite cartoons online. Let us also know your favorite cartoon website in the comment section.

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