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American Rappers in Jail – Top 20

American Rappers in Jail

Rappers were always seen to get involved in this ruckus or that. It is mainly due to their extravagant art form which poses a threat to many conformal societies and their ways of living. Rap is about being outspoken and rebellious.

It was never about making peace. The black movement is a major agenda in the rap world.

Writing explicit lyrics sometimes gets them into a lot of trouble. Here are a few examples citing rappers who ended up behind bars for expressing their views.

But that might not be the case always. They do have a plush lifestyle which gets them involved in felonies.

Here in this article, we will discuss the top 20 American Rappers who are in the jail. Let’s dive into the article.

American Rappers in Jail

1. Casanova

Giacomo Casanova, born in 1725, a charming adventurer and writer from Venice, renowned for his wit and romantic escapades.

His book, “The Story of My Life,” provides insight into 18th-century Europe and his interactions with nobility and love complexities. Beyond controversy, Casanova’s influence persists in literature.

American rapper Casanova, also known as Caswell Junior, faced legal woes for gang-related charges, including racketeering and firearm possession in December 2020.

These issues shed light on challenges in the hip-hop scene, raising questions about the legal system’s impact on artists.

The 35-year-old artist, part of the untouchable Gorilla gang, faces charges involving 100 kg of marijuana, with potential prison time ranging from five to 60 years.

2. Young Thug

The rapper Young Thug, aged 30 and a Grammy winner, got into trouble and was taken to jail in Fulton County, along with his friend Gunny.

They say he broke the Rico Act because of his involvement in street gang activities. Young Thug, whose real name is Jeffrey Lamar Williams, is a famous rapper from Atlanta, Georgia.

He became well-known for his unique voice and music that doesn’t follow the usual rap rules, starting with his mixtape “1017 Thug.”

His style mixes trap, R&B, and rock, making him stand out. Apart from music, his bold fashion choices challenge norms, impacting our culture.

3. Gunna

Gunna, the well-known American rapper, has made a mark in hip-hop. Born Sergio Kitchens in 1993 in Atlanta, Georgia, he adds to the city’s musical history.

Gunna gained fame for his catchy style, mixing trap beats and smooth vocals. He became popular through collaborations with Young Thug, standing out in the rap world.

Hits like “Drip Too Hard” and “Skybox” showcase Gunna’s talent. Beyond music, his trendy fashion and business ventures reveal his diverse skills.

With top-charting songs and a loyal fan base, Gunna shapes the future of rap. Signed to YSL records alongside Young Thug, he, unfortunately, faced legal issues with a 56-count indictment.

4. 42 Dugg

42 Dugg, born Dion Marquise Hayes in 1994, is a significant presence in American hip-hop. Hailing from Detroit, Michigan, he adds his flair to the city’s lively music scene.

Recognized for his unique voice and gritty storytelling, 42 Dugg’s journey reflects the challenges of Detroit.

His collaborations with Lil Baby, including hits like “We Paid” and “Grace,” highlight his lyrical skill. Beyond music, 42 Dugg’s authenticity and street-inspired tales resonate, offering a distinct viewpoint.

Despite a growing fan base and industry acknowledgment, his recent arrest for illegal firearm possession adds a complex chapter to his narrative.

This incident follows his failure to report to prison after a prior booking for firearm possession, marking a challenging period for the artist.

5. Oj Da Juiceman

OJ Da Juiceman, born Otis Williams Jr. in 1981, is a standout figure in American rap, shaping a unique presence from Atlanta, Georgia.

Rising to fame with hits like “Make the Trap Say Aye,” his Southern-infused rhymes and vibrant flow captivate listeners.

Known for Trap-A-Holics mixtapes, he influences the trap subgenre. Despite challenges, OJ Da Juiceman’s charisma secures a lasting legacy in rap, embodying Atlanta’s essence.

As SEO partner of IC Entertainment and co-founder of Label 32 Entertainment with Gucci Mane, he has a significant social media presence.

Legal issues, including marijuana and firearm charges, add complexity to his narrative.

6. ASAP Rocky

ASAP Rocky, born Rakim Mayers in 1988, is a pivotal figure in American rap, significantly impacting Harlem’s rap culture.

Renowned for his distinctive fusion of fashion and music, his breakout mixtape “Live.Love.A$AP” propelled him to stardom.

Recognized for chart-toppers like “Goldie” and “Praise the Lord,” ASAP Rocky’s influence stretches beyond music, resonating globally in pop culture.

A recipient of multiple Grammy Awards and a nominee, he’s in the spotlight for expecting a child with Rihanna, sparking marriage rumors.

Despite his innovative approach, legal issues surfaced as he was booked at the airport, facing accusations linked to a November 6, 2021 murder.

7. Rod Wave

Rod Wave, the rising American rapper from St. Petersburg, Florida, gained acclaim for his emotive style and introspective lyrics.

Born Rodarius Marcell Green in 1998, he quickly ascended in hip-hop with hits like “Heart on Ice.” His breakthrough project, “Ghetto Gospel,” showcased his unique blend of street narratives and heartfelt delivery.

Beyond rap, Rod Wave’s influence extends to a diverse audience, making waves with a blend of vulnerability and resilience.

Notably associated with Alamo Records, the avant-garde rapper has contributed to the Hunger Games Vol 1 soundtrack and is celebrated for “Beautiful Mind.”

However, legal troubles surfaced with charges of strangulation.

8. Bankroll Freddie

Bankroll Freddie, the dynamic American rapper from Helena, Arkansas, gains prominence with a unique blend of Southern charm and gritty narratives in tracks like “Add It Up” and “Drip Like This.”

Emerging from the Arkansas rap scene, he navigates the industry with an unapologetic approach and distinctive voice.

Freddie Gladey, known as Bankroll Freddie, at 27, faced legal issues with arrests for firearms and drugs possession, along with resisting arrest.

Renowned for his freestyle music, he contributed to tracks with Lil Baby and joined the label Quality Control after the success of “Drip Like This,” solidifying his position in contemporary rap.

9. Pooh Sheisty

Pooh Shiesty faced a 63-month prison sentence for firearms possession but admitted to the crime. His track “Shiesty Season” soared to the top of charts, securing the third position on US billboards.

Notably featured in the limelight for “Back in Blood” with Lil Durk, Pooh Shiesty, the American rapper born Lontrell Williams Jr. in 2000, is a formidable force in hip-hop.

Hailing from Memphis, Tennessee, his music reflects the raw essence of Southern rap, gaining swift recognition for gritty lyrics and trap beats.

Rising from Memphis’ vibrant rap scene, Pooh Shiesty connects with a broad audience, establishing himself as a rising star in contemporary rap.

10. Hoodrich Pablo Jua

Hoodrich Pablo Juan, the American rapper born in 1989 in Atlanta, Georgia, is a notable figure in hip-hop.

Recognized for his distinctive trap style and melodic beats in tracks like “We Don’t Luv Em” and “Zobamambafoo,” he rose from Atlanta’s influential rap scene with authenticity.

Hoodrich Pablo Juan’s impact extends beyond music, solidifying his presence in contemporary rap.

Rumors circulate about his arrest for RICO charges, and the trial is pending, possibly leading to an extended prison term. Notably, he later joined Gucci Mane’s label Records.

11. 9lokkNine

9lokkNine, born Jacquavius Dennard Smith in 2000, is a dynamic force in American rap, hailing from Orlando, Florida. Known for hits like “10 Percent” and “223’s,” his raw lyricism and dynamic flow garnered recognition.

Rising from Orlando’s rap scene, he authentically portrays street narratives, resonating with a diverse audience. Despite legal challenges, 9lokkNine’s impact solidifies his rising star status in contemporary rap.

With a unique blend of intensity, authenticity, and high popularity on Billboard charts, he leaves a lasting mark on the hip-hop landscape.

Notably, he faced legal issues, arrested for firearms possession and illegal activities while enjoying Protection Act benefits under someone else’s name.

12. Rio Da Yung Og

Rio Da Yung Og, born in 1992 from Lansing, Michigan, is a distinct voice in American rap, known for hits like “Sacrifices” and “Legendary.”

Gaining recognition for gritty lyrics and street narratives, he rises from Michigan’s rap scene with a unique perspective.

Rio’s impact extends beyond local roots, establishing him as a noteworthy figure in contemporary rap.

With authenticity and storytelling, he leaves an indelible mark on the hip-hop landscape, solidifying his industry position.

Notably, the 28-year-old rapper featured in Lil Yachty’s album but faced legal issues, getting arrested for firearms possession and currently booked for 5 years.

13. YFN Lucci

YFN Lucci, born Rayshawn Lamar Bennett in 1991, is a prominent figure in American rap, hailing from Atlanta, Georgia.

Acclaimed for hits like “Key to the Streets” and “Everyday We Lit,” he rises from Atlanta’s rap scene, infusing authenticity into his street narratives.

Despite legal challenges, YFN Lucci’s impact remains significant, solidifying his status in contemporary rap. With a unique blend of vulnerability and street wisdom, he leaves an enduring imprint on the hip-hop landscape.

Notably, the 31-year-old rapper faced arrest for targeting Blood gang members and is currently serving time in Fulton County Jail.

14. Tay K

Tay-K, born Taymor McIntyre in 2000, is a standout in American rap from Arlington, Texas, known for “The Race.”

His music, infused with raw authenticity, swiftly rose in the rap scene with gritty lyrics and an energetic flow. Despite legal troubles, Tay-K’s undeniable impact as a unique voice in contemporary rap remains.

His journey involves legal challenges, including charges related to a capital murder case, leading to his current incarceration.

Tay-K’s fame soared with “The Race,” a chart-topping hit, solidifying his prominence in hip-hop despite the twists and turns of his evolving narrative.

15. AR-AB

AR-AB, born Abdul Ibrahim West, is a notable American rapper from Philadelphia, recognized for hits like “Allah Black” and “Rivals.”

Emerging from the city’s vibrant rap culture, he brings authenticity to his music with gritty lyrics and street narratives.

Despite legal challenges, AR-AB’s impact remains significant, solidifying his status in contemporary rap. His unique blend of intensity and raw storytelling leaves a lasting imprint on the hip-hop landscape.

However, his involvement in a drug ring and felony murder led to convictions for unsocial behavior and public abuse, overshadowing his growing career as he served his prison sentence.

16. 03 Greedo

03 Greedo, born Jason Jamal Jackson in 1987, is a distinctive voice in American hip-hop, hailing from Watts, Los Angeles.

Recognized for hits like “Never Bend” and “Sweet Lady,” his eclectic style blends trap beats with melodic flows. Emerging from the Los Angeles rap scene, 03 Greedo brings a unique flavor, resonating with audiences.

Despite legal challenges and a significant prison sentence, his impact endures, marking him as a boundary-pushing artist in contemporary rap.

Devoted to his music, 03 Greedo faced charges of drug trafficking and firearm possession, resulting in a 20-year prison sentence, yet he remains consistent in creating music.

17. Foogiano

Foogiano, famed for “Molly,” faced arrest as a fugitive, also being signed to Gucci Mane’s label. His debut album, “Gutta Boy,” adds to his recognition.

The American rapper, born Kwame Khalil Brown in 1994 from Greensboro, North Carolina, contributes to the evolving rap scene.

Foogiano’s energetic delivery and trap beats in hits like “Molly (Baby Mama)” showcase his distinct style. Despite legal challenges, including probation violation arrest, he remains a dynamic force in contemporary rap.

Infusing authenticity into his music, Foogiano connects with audiences, leaving a lasting imprint on the hip-hop landscape through his raw storytelling and unwavering commitment to his craft.

18. YNW Melly

The Floridan hip-hop artist, YNW Melly, faces charges of two first-degree murders and awaits trial in prison.

His popular songs, including “Mixed Personalities,” “Murder on my Mind,” and “Suicidal,” showcase his distinctive style. Born Jamell Demons in 1999, he contributes to Florida’s dynamic rap culture.

Despite legal challenges, YNW Melly’s impact on contemporary rap endures, marked by his melodic approach and emotive storytelling in hits like “Murder on My Mind” and “Mixed Personalities.”

Rising from Florida’s rap scene, he captivates audiences with his unique voice and authentic narratives, solidifying his place in the hip-hop realm.

19. Kay Flock

The rising Bronx rapper, Kay Flock, born in 2001, is making waves in the hip-hop scene with his gritty lyrics and authentic storytelling.

Known for hits like “Being Honest” and “Avenues,” he swiftly gained recognition. Despite being a newcomer, Kay Flock’s unique style resonates with audiences, marking him as a promising talent in contemporary rap.

Recently signed with Capitol Records, his dedication to his craft and authenticity positions him as a dynamic figure shaping the future of hip-hop.

However, legal challenges, including a murder charge, add a complex layer to his narrative, even as his music climbs the Billboard Charts.

20. Ralo

Ralo, born Terrell Davis in 1994, is an Atlanta-born rapper known for hits like “Can’t Lie” and “Famerican Gangster.”

Despite facing legal challenges, including imprisonment for drug deals and misconduct within prison, Ralo’s impact in hip-hop remains significant.

Associated with Gucci Mane through Interscope Records, his career faces setbacks due to legal issues.

The rapper’s commitment to authenticity and storytelling showcased in his music, has left a lasting imprint on the hip-hop landscape.


So we have already flooded you with information and now you know the top 20 American Rappers who are in the jail. Hope you like this article. See you in the next article.

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