Casino Hacking- True or False?

Casino Background

In most cases, the goal of hacking is to cause some form of harm to a system, disrupt a network and even go as far as to gain profits fraudulently from a system. This is where casinos are at risk. 

Within a casino, it might be difficult to hack table games but there have been instances where players have been caught ‘counting cards’ which in itself is a form of hacking. Hackers intend to achieve a huge win or taking the whole pot’. This way the hacker not only profits from this disruption but ends up cheating the casino out of its money.

In June 2014, the Lumiere Place Casino noticed that their slot machines, despite not recording any jackpots both minor or major, had spit out more money than they had consumed. This aberration noticed by the casino accountants led to a review of security footage which in turn led to the identification of Murat Bliev.

In 2009, Russia outlawed gambling. This was in a bid by the Russian government to reduce organized crime. In the aftermath of this law, casinos sold off their gaming machines. They in turn used these old machines to learn about the software.

So, to answer the question if casino hacking is true or false? It is indeed true that casino hacking is true but most online casinos are protected from such intrusive, unauthorized access. This is so because they employ the latest technology to ensure the safety of their players and their funds.

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